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Since its inception, Joseph Slifka Center has been connected to Yale, and with each passing year that connection is reinforced in many different ways, but it is important to note that the Center is an independent organization that is supported exclusively by friends, alumni, and affiliated foundations.

Slifka Center binds a far-reaching community of students, teachers, alumni and friends and offers them the opportunity to share with each other, with Yale and with New Haven, the fruits of Jewish culture and the spirit of communal commitment. Joseph Slifka Center is a place where different religious and ethnic groups and cultures encounter one another, where students and professors dine and converse, where New Haven residents join Yale denizens in celebration and study. Most importantly, Joseph Slifka Center is the catalyst that ensures all the richly nuanced manifestations of Jewish religious life, culture and tradition will find comfortable, congenial expression on the Yale campus.

We rely on alumni, parents and friends to provide kosher dining, visiting lecturers, language and religious study, concerts, art exhibits, holiday celebrations, film screenings, and everything else that fills this home for Jewish life on the Yale campus. Our programming at Slifka Center is the result of individuals who care deeply about the future of Jewish leadership as well as the Jewish education of future leaders.

Thank you for considering a gift to this important institution, to support the thriving Jewish community at Yale, and for helping to powerfully connect future generations of leaders to Judaism.

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For more information, please contact:

Jennifer Rogin Wallis
Senior Development Officer
(203) 432-7376