Jewish Learning and Fellowships

At Slifka, we have a wide range of opportunities to delve into Jewish learning, text, and wisdom! Is there something you want to learn? Take a look below at our classes and fellowships, which meet regularly during the semester. If these don’t feel like the right fit or if there is something else on your heart and mind, write to a member of the clergy team (contact info below)! We are excited to do individual learning or set you up with a chevruta (study partner) or small group of friends. We can’t wait for the searching, soulful conversations we’ll share and create together.


Weekly Classes

Jewish Learning Fellowship

JLF is an 8-10-week experiential, conversational seminar that invites fellows to deepen their understanding of Judaism on their own terms. This semester, we will be exploring the curriculum Life’s Big Questions. Together we will explore questions like, “What is (my) Jewish identity?” “How do I understand myself in the context of my relationships (with family, friends, etc.)?” and “What does it mean to build community?”. We’ll be asking a lot of big questions, but we don’t purport to have the big answers. We make no claims about the “right” way to practice or not to practice Judaism. Our goal is to help you explore the tradition in a welcoming and warm space in conversation with a diverse group of people.

We will be running two sessions of JLF, one for new participants and JLF 2.0 for folks who already participated in JLF, Life’s Big Questions. Students who participate in at least 8 weeks of the fellowship will receive a $250 stipend.

Interested? Apply here. Questions? Contact Slifka’s Associate Jewish Chaplain Rachel (


Jewish Learning Fellowship 2.0: Ancient Wisdom for Modern Wellbeing

This is a chance for those who have already participated in a JLF cohort to continue and deepen their learning. Over the course of the semester, we’ll think about what Judaism can offer us for building full, joyous lives. We’ll consider how we relate to well-being and wellness as concepts; what parts of our lives help us cultivate a sense of well-being; and how we might develop and sustain practices that contribute to that sense. Students who participate will receive a $100 stipend.

Interested? Apply here. Questions? Contact Slifka’s Associate Jewish Chaplain Rachel (


Ritual Lab (for Grad and Professional students)

Bring your creativity to life by making your own collection of Jewish ritual objects for Shabbat and holidays! In a series of arts workshops, we’ll learn about a Jewish ritual then create the object you’ll need to perform that ritual in your home. We’ll be working with pottery painting, glass etching, silk screen printing, and woodworking. At the end of the semester, you will have created a Kiddush cup, challah cover, menorah or candlestick holders, and challah board totally of your own aesthetic, that we hope will bring meaning and joy to your celebration of Jewish holidays for years to come! No prior knowledge about Jewish holidays or rituals is necessary! 

Workshops will take place every two weeks starting in late October and will be scheduled with folks who sign up. Ritual Lab at Yale is open to all graduate and professional students. Sign up here and contact Slifka’s Associate Jewish Chaplain Rachel ( with any questions. We are grateful to the team at Columbia/Barnard Hillel for providing the ideas and curricular materials for this program!


Practicing Prayer

Have you ever walked into a service and had no idea what was going on? Looked at a page in the siddur (prayer book) and felt completely lost? Wished you could follow along just a little bit faster? You are not alone! Prayer takes practice, and following along with the service is a skill you can develop. Together, we’ll learn how to more easily navigate the siddur and fully participate in services at Slifka and elsewhere. We’ll cover helpful terms to know, what to do, and how to make the experience meaningful for yourself. Our focus will be on developing the confidence to participate fully in a Friday night service with either the Reform Chavurah or Egal Minyan at Slifka. Interested? Fill out this form and this when2meet with your availibility by Jan. 20th. Have questions or want to talk more about this? Email Slifka’s Associate Jewish Chaplain Rachel (

Intro to Judaism

This (non-credit) class will meet once a week for an introduction to many different aspects of Judaism and Jewish life, including ritual, practice, theology, and more! This class is ideal for anyone who wants to learn, including those who are reconnecting with Judaism and/or want to deepen their knowledge, those who are in the process of conversion, or those who just want to know more. You do not have to be Jewish to sign up– people of any faith and no faith are welcome! To express interest, email Slifka’s Associate Jewish Chaplain Rachel ( and fill out this When2Meet.

Kol Israel

Kol Israel- is a cohort learning experience for students to think critically about Israel, learn about Israeli society and culture, and engage in open educational dialogue. This semester the theme is Peoplehood, Resiliance, and Antisemitism

This 6-session curriculum explores resilience and antisemitism through the lens of Jewish peoplehood and experience. This course is designed to support students in claiming positive Jewish identity, even while navigating antisemitism, contemporary discourse around Israel, and the nuances of Jewish experiences in the 21st century. Students will engage with Jewish diversity, grapple with narratives that harm and marginalize, and celebrate Jewish resilience and joy. 

For more information on Israel Education and Learning, please contact Keren Marsha at


Yeshivat Yale

Weekly Talmud adventure with friends! Meant for seasoned talmudists and newcomers alike. There will be plentiful food and snacks. Contact Rabbi Alex at for more info and to share your snack preferences! 

Don’t see exactly what you’re looking for? Email a member of the clergy team about your learning hopes and dreams!