Israel programming at Yale ranges from the political to the social and cultural. We strive to create a community where people with various viewpoints can feel comfortable and have their voices heard. These organizations hold regular discussions and planning meetings and also host a wide variety of guests including speakers, musical artists, filmmakers, and writers. Yale Friends of Israel serves as the umbrella organization for other Israel groups on campus. Every year, Slifka Center hosts multiple trips to Israel including Birthright.

If you have any questions about Israel programming at Yale, please do not hesitate to email Keren Marsha at

Education and Learning

Our Israel fellow, Keren Marsha, will lead a fellowship about Israel. Kol Yisrael is a 6-week cohort learning experience to explore big ideas and big questions animating the contemporary Israeli discourse.

The name, Kol Yisrael, embodies the aim and methodology of this curriculum. In Hebrew, the word Kol (כל) means “all”. While we can’t provide “all” perspectives and narratives on the questions raised here, we aspire to make our tent wider, to invite more voices to the table, and to cultivate resilient empathy for diverse perspectives. Each session presents competing, value-based narratives that open a discussion not only surrounding the question at hand but also why those who disagree have compelling reasons to do so. 

Resilience and antisemitism through the lens of Jewish peoplehood and Jewish experience. This course is designed to support students in claiming positive Jewish identity, even while navigating antisemitism, contemporary discourse around Israel, and the nuances of Jewish experiences in the 21st century.  Students will engage with Jewish diversity, grapple with narratives that harm and marginalize, and celebrate Jewish resilience and joy. 

Apply here: Applications due January 31st 

For more information on Israel Education and Learning, please contact Keren Marsha at

Kol Israel cohort- Spring 23′


Birthright, Peace and Dialogue Leadership Initiative, Yalies in Israel; There are plenty of opportunities to travel to Israel with Slifka Center – To get involved, contact Keren Marsha at


Summer 2024 registration will open on January 16, 2024!

This is your opportunity to explore Israel with other Yalies this summer – for FREE. Over two weeks you’ll see ancient history first-hand, hike, and participate in the modern miracle of Israel with all its creativity and complexity. The dates for this upcoming summer are May 29th – June 10th from BOS.

Go to create an account (with a non-Edu email address) fill in the application and submit your $350 deposit (refunded upon your return from Israel)

Questions? Reach out to Keren Marsha at


    • What are the COVID policies?
      • In order to travel to Israel, you must be fully vaccinated and your last planned day needs to be within 180 days of your last dose.
    • How do I know if I am eligible?
      • We strive to make this a pluralistic experience. Birthright trips are open to all Jewish young adults between 18 and 27, who haven’t been to Israel on an educational trip since turning 18 and/or lived in Israel past the age of 12. Birthright defines Jewish as having at least one Jewish parent or having completed conversion through a denomination.
    • Are there any costs I have to cover?
      • Financial aid is available for personal costs
      • Refundable 250 USD deposit – refunded upon your return from Israel
      • Most lunch meals
      • Personal purchases (like souvenirs)
      • Travel/health insurance
      • Optional international phone plan
      • Transportation to and from the airport
      • Estimated personal costs on top of deposit: $200-500
  • How is the trip funded?
    • The trip is a gift from Birthright Israel
    • The trip is funded by both private donors and through partnerships with the Government of Israel, the Jewish Federations of North America, the Jewish Agency for Israel and Keren Hayesod.
  • How was the itinerary developed?
    • We want to put together a unique itinerary to create a special and meaningful experience. The care and effort put into choosing the sites and the people we will meet is all in service to cultivating an exploratory trip of making connections, Jewish identity, and deep engagement.

Arts and Culture

Slifka hosts a wide variety of Israeli musicians, artists, perfumers, speakers, and movie viewings. For more information, or to submit ideas, please contact Yaara Aybar.  

Student Groups

Yale Friends of Israel (YFI) is a non-partisan, pro-Israel group on campus that works to educate, and engage with, students on Israeli culture, society, history, and politics. YFI hosts speakers, dinners, book clubs, and more.

Please reach out to Kira Berman:  for more information, and apply to be a YFI Fellow right here!


J Street U at Yale is a pro-Israel and pro-peace organization at Yale. To get involved, contact the following: Odessa Goldberg-, Danya Dubrow –, Noah Tirschwell-

Peace and Dialogue Leadership Initiative (PDLI) is a year-long commitment for Fellows and offers a life-long community. Though the annual capstone trip is certainly one of the highlights of the initiative, we put together numerous events over the year to facilitate conversation amongst Fellows, alumni, and other stakeholders. The PDLI leadership works with Fellows to organize special projects, publish articles, & organize on-campus events, among a variety of other activities. please contact Keren, our Israel fellow

TAMID at Yale offers students unique opportunities to get real-world consulting and investing experience in addition to professional development opportunities and a Summer Fellowship in Israel. President: Kezia Levy-