Religious Life

Religious Services

One of Yale’s biggest assets is the intellectual and spiritual diversity of its people. The same is true for Slifka Center. For a look at the minyanim currently holding regular services through Slifka Center, please click here. Anyone is welcome at these services: undergraduates, graduate students, faculty, staff, New Haven residents, and visitors.

Kosher Food

Kashrut is a critical part of religious observance for many, and a cultural heritage for many more. Slifka Dining runs out of the Lindenbaum Kosher Kitchen, a dining facility that provides kosher food for breakfast, lunch and dinner during the academic year.

Rabbinic Guidance

Slifka Center is home to our rabbis, all of whom provide counseling and learning opportunities – individually, in small groups, and in classroom settings. They are also happy to just have coffee or tea and a chat.


Slifka Center maintains the Downtown Eruv, enriching our community on Shabbat and other holidays by making our Center more easily accessible to students living on campus and in nearby neighborhoods. However, upkeep of the eruv is a significant annual cost to the Center and your support is appreciated.

Other Halachic Concerns

Yale University has a variety of options available to help those with specific religious needs achieve comfort in their day to day life, but individuals must take responsibility for working with their college or department to negotiate their individual needs and accommodations. The University administration is able to resolve most basic questions and requests; Slifka Center Rabbis are available if necessary to provide advice.