William and Miriam Horowitz & David and Iris Fischer Judaica Project Funds

We are excited to announce a wonderful program that offers funding for Judaica projects over the summer. Funding is available for both undergraduate and graduate programs.

The William and Miriam Horowitz and David and Iris Fischer Judaica Project Funds seek to promote summer initiatives by Yale students that will increase understanding of Jewish history, culture, or religious thought in a demonstrable way. A project could involve art, film, music, travel, study, research, theater, reading or writing so long as it is consistent with the stated purpose above.

Applications must be made through the Center for International and Professional Experience, Fellowship Program and completed no later than 11:59 PM on February 22, 2012.

For detailed information and access to the application, please visit the links below. You will need your Yale NetID and password to access the application.

For undergraduates visit: Undergraduate
For graduate students visit: Graduate

For additional information or support please contact the Center for International and Professional Experience through the application page.

The Horowitz Fund memorializes two devoted friends of Yale: William and Miriam Horowitz. Mr. Horowitz (Yale ’29) served as acting master of Branford College and was elected to the Yale Corporation as an alumni fellow in 1965. He was a founding member of the Board of Friends of the Hillel Foundation at Yale. Mrs. Horowitz had a distinguished history of involvement in civic, Jewish, and women’s issues in New Haven and beyond.

The Fischer Fund memorializes Iris Fischer and honors Dr. David Fischer, two devoted friends of Yale. Mrs. Fischer was a concert pianist and a devoted mother and grandmother. Dr. Fischer is a leading New Haven physician, a member of the Yale School of Medicine faculty since 1964, and author of three textbooks of medical oncology.

We appreciate the generosity of the Horowitz Fund and the Fischer Fund and the wonderful opportunities they make possible. We hope you apply to take advantage of this financial support of Judaica projects this summer.

The Elisa Spungen Bildner ’75 and Robert Bildner ’72 Israel Travel Grant

This grant is intended to provide an opportunity for individual Yale students to visit Israel, in order to develop a deeper appreciation for the land of Israel and for their identity as Jews. Upon return, the awarded student(s) will be asked to share their experiences with the rest of the Yale community in a meaningful way. Travel will generally occur in the summer, but the committee may award funds for travel during the academic year under appropriate circumstances. In 2012, three grants of $1500, or multiple smaller grants, will be awarded.

A student interested in this grant may meet at least one of the following criteria:

a) Pursuing a specific project relating to a course at Yale;
b) Pursuing a specific area of interest to the student (such as the Kibbutz movement, women in Israel, absorption of new immigrants, etc.);
c) Joining an organized group (such as an archeological dig); or
d) Joining a study group in Israel, (such as Pardes, Hartman, or a university program.)