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The first Kosher Kitchen for Yale Graduate Students opened in the fall of 1959 in the Young Israel Synagogue, a twenty-five minute walk from campus, serving only week-night dinners. Today, the Lindenbaum Kosher Kitchen functions as a seamless part of the Yale University Dining System in the middle of campus. Serving lunch and dinner during the week, family-style Shabbat meals, and Sunday brunch and dinner inside the beautiful Sam and Ronnie Heyman Commons. Every other Sunday, Slifka offers a bagel brunch, often attended by more than 500 students who come to chow down on dozens and dozens of bagels and mounds of lox – just one example of the focus to serve excellent food that happens to be kosher.

The staff is committed to delivering a high-quality dining and social experience to all who come to eat, study, or just hang out. Let us know what you think – it’s the most valuable tool we have and we appreciate your comments.

Slifka’s kosher service is operated by Unidine. Unidine’s approach to food and dining focuses on culinary integrity, health & wellness, and hospitality.

  • Culinary integrity: Known as the Unidine Fresh Food Pledge, the company is committed to crafting food authentically, responsibly, and creatively.
    • From scratch: In-house chefs and culinary team members freshly prepare your daily meals.
    • Responsibly sourced: We utilize suppliers who value eco-friendly practices, animal welfare, and human rights.
    • Environmentally conscious: We are committed to operating procedures that reduce waste and our impact on the planet.
    • Seasonal and Local: Our menus reflect the seasons and highlight the best produce and products available in the area.
    • Healthful Offerings.
  • Hospitality: We actively foster an environment where our motto, “We are Exceptional People providing Exceptional Service to Exceptional Customers,” comes to life in a genuine and warm way. Team members receive comprehensive hospitality training that inspires authentic, timely, responsive, friendly, and satisfying connections. The result? Unique and memorable experiences that make a difference.


William Ostrowski
General Manager

Patrick Byrne
Executive Sous Chef 

The kitchen is certified by the STAR-K MEAT / STAR-D DAIRY Kosher Certifications. If you have any questions, please contact Rabbi Mayer Kurcfeld, STAR-K Kashrus Administrator, at 410-484-4110 x 206; Onsite Mashgiach: Moshe Aziz;


Click here to view our meat and dairy certifications through Star-K.