Slifka Center Dining

Kosher Dining at Yale takes place in Slifka Center’s Kikar Schusterman on the lower level. “Kikar” is a Hebrew word that means town square, and Kikar Schusterman is a place where the whole campus comes together for great food and wonderful company.

The first meal of the 2023-24 Academic year will be lunch on August 21, 2023.

We reopened Kikar Schusterman in fall 2022 following a complete renovation, which included a gut renovation of the Lindenbaum Kosher Kitchens, and an expansion of our dining hall and gathering spaces on the lower level. The main dining room features modular seating areas, a 9-screen LCD video wall, and the best food on campus. And it’s kosher – of course – under the supervision of the Star-K and Star-D.

Beginning on August 21, 2023, regular meal service will be available in Kikar Schusterman during the following hours:

11:30 am to 1:30 pm for Lunch/Brunch Sunday-Friday
5:00 pm to 7:30 pm for Dinner Monday-Thursday
7:30 pm to 9:30 pm for Shabbat Dinner
12:30PM for Shabbat Lunch
Ten minutes before Sunset for Third Meal (Se’udah Shelishit).
Sunday Dinner is run by our Student Life Team — Reach out to Rabbi Alex for more information, or check out the weekly menu here

Pre-register for Shabbat via out Events Calendar! Click the date you’d like to attend to view ticket information and register. 

In addition, Slifka Center will offer a Bagel Brunch every other Sunday, from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm.

Meal Costs

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Lunch/Brunch – 15.50
Dinner – 19.99
Shabbat Dinner – $28.00
Shabbat Lunch – $19.00
Third Meal – $8.00
Sunday Dinner & Learning w/ Rabbi Alex – $5 to $10 depending on selection

Children ages 5-12 are $10.00 for weekday meals, $14 for Shabbat Dinner $9.50
Children under 5 are free

For our weekly menu click here!

Slifka Catering Menu


The first Kosher Kitchen for Yale Graduate Students opened in the fall of 1959 in the Young Israel Synagogue, a twenty-five minute walk from campus, serving only week-night dinners. Today, the Lindenbaum Kosher Kitchen functions as a seamless part of the Yale University Dining System in the middle of campus. Serving lunch and dinner during the week, family-style Shabbat meals, and Sunday brunch and dinner inside the beautiful Sam and Ronnie Heyman Commons. Every other Sunday, Slifka offers a bagel brunch, often attended by more than 500 students who come to chow down on dozens and dozens of bagels and mounds of lox – just one example of the focus to serve excellent food that happens to be kosher.

The staff is committed to delivering a high-quality dining and social experience to all who come to eat, study, or just hang out. Let us know what you think – it’s the most valuable tool we have and we appreciate your comments.

Kosher Food Today

Slifka’s kosher service is operated by Flik. Flik’s approach to food and dining focuses on culinary integrity, health & wellness, and hospitality.

  • Culinary integrity: Known as the Flik Fresh Food Pledge, the company is committed to crafting food authentically, responsibly, and creatively.
    • From scratch: In-house chefs and culinary team members freshly prepare your daily meals.
    • Responsibly sourced: We utilize suppliers who value eco-friendly practices, animal welfare, and human rights.
    • Environmentally conscious: We are committed to operating procedures that reduce waste and our impact on the planet.
    • Seasonal and Local: Our menus reflect the seasons and highlight the best produce and products available in the area.
    • Healthful Offerings.
  • Hospitality: We actively foster an environment where our motto, “We are Exceptional People providing Exceptional Service to Exceptional Customers,” comes to life in a genuine and warm way. Team members receive comprehensive hospitality training that inspires authentic, timely, responsive, friendly, and satisfying connections. The result? Unique and memorable experiences that make a difference.

Kosher Supervision

The staff of the Slifka Center and the Lindenbaum Kosher Kitchens are committed to delivering a high-quality dining and social experience to all who come to eat, study, or just hang out. Let us know what you think – it’s the most valuable tool we have and we appreciate your comments. The kitchen is certified by the STAR-K MEAT / STAR-D DAIRY Kosher Certifications. If you have any questions, please contact Rabbi Mayer Kurcfeld, STAR-K Kashrus Administrator, at 410-484-4110 x 206; Onsite Mashgiach: Ronnie Berman;

Kosher Certificate