Slifka Center Dining

The first Kosher Kitchen for Yale Graduate Students opened in the fall of 1959 in the Young Israel Synagogue, a twenty-five minute walk from campus, serving only week-night dinners. Today, the Lindenbaum Kosher Kitchen functions as a seamless part of the Yale University Dining System in the middle of campus. Serving lunch and dinner during the week, family-style Shabbat meals, and Sunday brunch and dinner inside the beautiful Sam and Ronnie Heyman Commons. Every other Sunday, Slifka offers a bagel brunch, often attended by more than 500 students who come to chow down on dozens and dozens of bagels and mounds of lox – just one example of the focus to provide  a full-service dining option for all, serving excellent food that happens to be kosher.

The staff of Slifka Center and the Kosher Kitchen is committed to delivering a high-quality dining and social experience to all who come to eat, study, or just hang out.  Let us know what you think – it’s the most valuable tool we have and we appreciate your comments.  Should you have questions or concerns about kashrut, please contact Rabbi Mati Pawlak at [email protected] and Hadassah Pawlak at [email protected]  .

Please note that Slifka Center’s dining hall will be closed the week of Monday, March 26, 2018 so that we can prepare the kitchen for Passover. For students who require kosher meals, we will serve dairy meals that week in Susman Hall on the first floor.


Hours of Operation

Hot breakfast will be served on Tuesdays only

Lunch: Monday through Friday – 11:30 AM to 1:30 PM
Dinner: Sunday through Thursday – 5:00 PM to 7:30 PM
Shabbat Dinner: Friday – 7:00 PM
Shabbat Lunch: Saturday – 12:30 PM
Brunch: Sunday – 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM

Grab & Go Lunch

Sandwiches & Salads for lunch 11:30pm-3:30 PM every weekday in the Slifka Dining Hall.  Only a meal swipe.


If you are on a Yale meal plan, any meal with Slifka Dining is just a swipe of your card. (Regular YUDS restrictions apply, i.e. only one swipe per meal, etc.)

For those not on a meal plan, individual meals or blocks of credit can be purchased whenever meals are being served. The prices are below.  Due to the generosity of our donors, Shabbat meals are free for JiNH members and off-campus undergraduates who do not have a full meal plan.

Lunch: $13.00
Dinner: $16.00
Shabbat Dinner (Friday): $23.00
Saturday: Shabbat Lunch & Seudah Shlishit: $25.00
Brunch: $18.50