Shabbat and Jewish Holidays


The Shabbat experience at Slifka is a special one, with a warm and welcoming environment and programming every week during the semester. On Friday nights, there are three student-led services, Reform, Egalitarian, and Orthodox, followed by a lively Shabbat dinner in Kikar Shusterman, our dining hall. On Saturday mornings, there are prayer services followed by Kiddish, a shiur (learning session) and lunch.

If you are looking to register for Shabbat Dinner in advance, check out our calendar here for upcoming meals. Please help us reduce food waste by letting us know you’re coming!

If you are a student looking to host a meal in your dorm or apartment, find more info here.


Jewish Holidays

Slifka runs services and programming for all of the Jewish holidays, which are open to the Yale and New Haven communities. Special pages with information about the holidays will be posted and updated as they come up in the calendar, so please check the drop-down menu items under the Shabbat and Jewish holidays tab to find more information.