Yale Klezmer Band

Three people sitting together playing klezmer music, one with a cello, one with an accordion and one with a violin. All are dressed formally in white shirts and black pants.
In the background, one person plays a violin and one plays a clarinet. In the foreground, Handsome Dan is smiling at the camera

Yale Klezmer Band brings the joyous, rousing sounds of klezmer to the halls of Yale, to Slifka as well as to anyone who likes energized dance music. Recent performances have included parties for Hanukkah, Purim, and other holidays; at Slifka carnivals; and at formal events such as Slifka’s Building Re-dedication and a community and alumni event in New York City.

Anyone is welcome to join. Rehearsals happen on Sunday afternoons. Please contact Aaron Mesa for more information at aaron.mesa@yale.edu.