Travel Opportunities

Every year Yalies travel around the country and world through opportunities at Slifka Center. From Israel, to Latin America, to the US Gulf Coast, these journeys are incredible experiences for all who participate. More information about these trips will posted on the on this Web site as the individual application dates near.

Birthright Israel

All your friends raving about Israel, but you want to see it for yourself? If you are Jewish, 18-26 years old, and have never participated in an organized peer program before, experience Israel with other Yalies for free this spring break! Contact Yoni Millo for more information.

WUJS Israel Hadassah

WUJS Israel Hadassah runs five and ten month programs for Jewish college graduates from around the world between the ages of 21 and 35. The program offers four specialized tracks: Jerusalem Learning, Arts Program, Peace and Social Justice, and Intern Tel Aviv. WUJS participants up to age 30 qualify for grants from the Israeli government’s project MASA. For more information, check out their website.


A summer volunteering program in Israel for college students and young professionals aged 18 to 27. Participants live in Jerusalem, Arad, or outside Tel Aviv. They volunteer for non-profit organizations four times a week, explore the Israeli landscape through weekly day trips, and discover Israeli culture and society through different educational and cultural events. For more information, check out their website.