Blanksteen Curatorial Fellowship

The Blanksteen Virtual Curatorial Fellowship

June 10 – August 9, 2023

The Blanksteen Curatorial Fellowship provides a $5,670 stipend for current Yale students (undergraduates and graduates) and recent graduates to participate in a full time internship at the Jewish Museum in New York City. Fellows will have the opportunity to join the curatorial team of the Jewish Museum and develop their knowledge of exhibition realization in a professional, supportive environment. Fellows will work virtually on projects within their individual departments. 

In addition to working on exhibition projects in the Curatorial Department, Blanksteen In-terns will spend 5 of their weekly work hours participating in the Jewish Museum Summer Institute along with the entire summer intern cohort. Interns who participate in the program learn how museums and other cultural organizations are adapting to the current reality of institutional reckoning and social change and explore the future of museum work with a group of their peers. Sessions include meetings with Jewish Museum staff, including cura-tors, educators, and fundraisers, to hear about the vision for the Museum and discuss the work of producing and promoting exhibitions and programs. Guest speakers from beyond the Museum will include artists, writers, exhibition designers, and other innovators in the art world. Note: This internship requires at least two onsite workdays per week (Tuesdays and Thursdays). Each intern will have a dedicated workspace at the Museum. Remote work will be an option on other days.

Click here for more details, a description of this year’s Blanksteen Fellowship projects, and information about application requirements. To apply please submit your resume and cover letter to Aviva Green ( by February 16.