Keren Almaz Marsha

Before I became an Israel Fellow I worked at a hi-tech company as a Human Resources Coordinator. After I finished my M.A, I decided to do something more meaningful for myself and other people. Since I’m coming from the beta Israel community and a Zionist family, one of my goals is to share my story and my point of view about Israel. As an optimistic person, I’m hopeful that I can share my enthusiasm for how great Israel is.

Over my tenure at Hillel at Kent State, I gained vast insight into American culture at Kent and spread Israel knowledge to hundreds of ambitious students. Through multiple programs, I was able to successfully share insights into Israeli culture, politics, and ideas – not only Israel but also the beta Israel nation and movement.

I helped re-found a program at Kent Hillel called Golden Flashes for Israel filled with multiple passionate students. Together, we inspired students to appreciate and understand Israel more. I’m very proud of the projects we did and its successes especially since students and staff still bring it up months later how it impacted them to research more about it and my story.

I am excited to join the Slifka Center community at Yale this Fall!

Phone: 203-432-1635

Slifka Staff