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Class of 2022

Congratulations to the class of 2022!  We look forward to celebrating with you, and your family and friends!

Slifka Center will be hosting Shabbat meals over Commencement Weekend at Slifka Center (80 Wall Street).  You may click this link to register for meals. Shabbat dinner and Shabbat lunch is complimentary for graduating seniors.

Here is the schedule of Slifka Center programs during the weekend:

Friday, May 20
6:20 pm              Kabbalat Shabbat Services* – depending on interest
7:30 pm              Shabbat Dinner

Saturday, May 21
9:14 am              Shabbat Services* – depending on interest.
12:30 pm           Shabbat Lunch
4:30 pm              Renovation Tour at Slifka Center, 80 Wall Street
7:30 pm              Mincha* – depending on interest
tbd                         Third Meal

*If you are interested in religious services, please reach out to Nathalie Garcia Mora at Slifka Center before Thursday at 1:00 pm at nathalie.garciamora@yale.edu.

Please let us know how Slifka Center can help make your Yale graduation more festive and meaningful.  Mazel Tov!

updated May 19, 2022

Class of 2020

We look forward to welcoming back alumni from the class of 2020!

Slifka Center will host Shabbat meals, a Renovation Tour at our building at 80 Wall Street, and Shabbat Services depending on interest,  on May 13-14. Please see our schedule below and the relevant registration information.

Shabbat MealsClick here to register for Shabbat Meals
Shabbat Services – Email Nathalie Garcia Mora at Slifka Center to express your interest in Shabbat Services at nathalie.garciamora@yale.edu.

2020 Commencement Celebration

Friday, May 13
5:45 pm                Kabbalat Shabbat Services at Slifka North on Whitney – depending on interest
7:00 pm                Shabbat Dinner at Slifka North on Whitney Avenue

Saturday, May 14
12 to 3:00 pm    Shabbat Lunch at Slifka North
4:30 pm                Renovation Tour at Slifka Center, 80 Wall Street
Tbd                         Third Meal

Please let us know how we can help make this special Alumni Celebration more festive and meaningful for you, and your family and friends.  Mazel Tov!

updated May 10, 2022


This Week at Slifka

 Info below for the week of 5/9/2022

Daily meals will be served at Slifka North from 11-1 and 5-7  Monday – Wednesday


Weekday Monday Tuesday  Wednesday Thursday  Friday          Saturday Sunday
Brunch/Lunch Hot Lunch from Edge of the Woods Turkey, Roast Beef, or Salami Wraps

Potato Salad

Helath Salad

Fruit platter

Oatmeal Rasin Cookies

BYO Sandwhiches

Sliced Turkey
Roast Beef
Corned Beef
L, T, O, Pickles

Cole Slaw

Garden Salad

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Pesto Grilled Chicken

Roasted Vegetables

Mediterranean Couscous



Cookie Platter

Dinner/Third meal Crudite

Italian Chicken Tenders

Roasted Tofu

Tater Tots

Roasted Broccoli

Shepherd’s Pie

Vegan Shepherd’s Pie

Parve Casear Salad

Garlic Knots

Jelly Roll

Safe Travels after Finals!! Sliced Turkey with Gravy

Butter tofu

Ovenroasted Carrots and Parsnips

Bismati Rice

Parve Ceasar Salad

Vegan Apple Strudel

Egg Salad

Tuna Salad

Seasonal Quinoa

Helath Salad

Challah Rolls

Chocolate Chip Cookies

5.9.22 Allergy Info


Did you know you can have virtual and physical coffee dates with the Student-Facing Staff?
Aviva @ Koffee 2-3
Tuesdays: Lauren @ Willoughby’s 11:15-12:15
R ‘ Alex @ Bass Cafe 3:30-4:30
Wednesdays: Rachel @ Schwartzmann 2-3
Thursdays: R’ Jason @ the Acorn 4-5
You can also have a virtual coffee date with Andrew HERE

This week at Slifka:

  • Friday Shabbat Dinner:  RSVP Necessary please reach out to Jennifer Wallis


The Slifka Center for Jewish Life is an active, vibrant, and diverse Jewish community. Slifka plays a central role in bringing together all our community has to offer. Our staff and students run a multitude of programs and platforms for your growth and enjoyment. Click each Heading for more information!

You may contact our staff, our Hillel student Co-Presidents, Maayan Schoen (maayan.schoen@yale.edu) and Sam Pekats (sam.pekats@yale.edu), or any of our Student Leaders for more information — they are always happy to help!

Student Groups Finding community within Social Justice, LGBTQ+, Music, Greek Life, and more!
Israel Israel programming at Yale ranges from the political to the social and cultural, with plenty of travel opportunities
Religious Life Slifka Center offers a variety of Spiritual and Religious communities and ways to engage and explore.
First Year Students Everyone starts somewhere! If you’re new to campus, start here!
Social Justice We offer fellowships and other ways to pursue social justice initiatives
Travel Trips to Israel and more!
Jewish Learning and Fellowships Engage in Jewish Tradition with other Yale students.
Arts Interested in music? Arts grants? Or want to check out our permanent collection? Start here!
Mental Health Resources Pastoral Support, Community Support, and School Resources are here
Slifka Think Tank Creating New Ideas at the Intersection of the Jewish and American Intellectual Traditions

Click here for a list of job and internship opportunities for current students and recent graduates.

Student Groups


Yale Hillel

Yale Hillel is a community that enthusiastically embraces the range of Jewish backgrounds and experiences on campus. Contact ruth.davis@yale.edu or zevi.siegal@yale.edu for more information

Jewish Graduate and Professional Student Network

Kehillah (Community) is Yale’s Jewish Graduate and Professional Student Community. We are a Slifka-sponsored, student-led organization that programs social events, Jewish learning, and prayer. While we are primarily dedicated to serving graduate and professional students of all denominations, we welcome young professionals in the greater New Haven area to join us in our programming. See the graduate student page of the Slifka Center website or be in touch with our leaders for more information.


Jewish & LGBTQ+

We are a student group that celebrates the cultures of both the Jewish and LGBTQ communities, and provide a comfortable space for students within these communities. Contact gabriel.klapholz@yale.edu for more information

Team Teva 

We are a student group focusing in Slifka on issues of sustainability and environmentalism. Contact gavi.welbel@yale.edu for more information

Jews of Color  

Do you identify as a Jewish POC?  Contact ikenna.maduno@yale.edu for more information.


Yale’s only Jewish fraternity. We are culturally Jewish, and try to incorporate those values into everything we do. Contact zachary.zabib@yale.edu for more info


Shibboleth is Yale University’s undergraduate journal dedicated to Jewish thought and ideas – religious, political, cultural, literary, and philosophical. Contact Dov.Greenwood@yale.edu for more information.


Magevet is a Jewish, Hebrew, and Israeli a cappella group from Yale University. All of its members are undergrads devoted to spreading beautiful music of the Jewish tradition to the far corners of the globe. Contact daniel.edison@yale.edu for more information.


Magoovet is Yale’s first no-rules no-pressure sorta Jewish singing group, where you and any and all of your friends can sing anything you like as badly (or as well) as you like. Contact ruth.davis@yale.edu for more info.

Yale Klezmer Band

Yale Klezmer Band brings the joyous, rousing sounds of klezmer to the halls of Yale, to its Hillel as well as to anyone who likes energized dance music. Contact amy.shteyman@yale.edu for more information.

Krav Maga at Yale

Ever wanted to learn Krav Maga? Just want to practice your skills? Contact michelle.barsukov@yale.edu for more information.


Young Israel House at Yale

YIHY is the student organization responsible for Orthodox student life on campus. We provide support, programming, and learning opportunities to the observant community, as well as reaching out to the greater Jewish population at Yale. Contact Alex.Ozar@yale.edu or Lauren.Steinberg@yale.edu for more information.

Egal at Yale

Egal is Yale’s traditional Egalitarian minyan. In addition to organizing weekly services, we provide learning opportunities as well as social programming. Contact jason.rubestein@yale.edu, ikenna.maduno@yale.edu or daniella.shear@yale.edu for more information.

Reform Chavura

The Reform Chavura is a vibrant reform community at Yale. From weekly Kabbalat Shabbat services to care packages, Reform is here for you. Contact rachel.merrill@yale.edu or emma.levin@yale.edu for more information.


Yale Friends of Israel (YFI)

Yale Friends of Israel is a student group for those who care about the State of Israel and wish to learn and discuss issues related to Israeli politics, diplomacy, and history, as well as celebrate Israeli art, music, theatre, literature, cuisine, and technology. A pro-Israel, non-partisan group, YFI does not endorse any particular political views.  Contact Zach.Zabib@yale.edu or Mati.Zeff@yale.edu for more information.


Yale’s AIPAC cadre advocates for a strong US/Israel relationship. To participate, contact Zachary.Zabib@yale.edu.

JStreet U at Yale

JStreet U is the student organizing arm of J Street, the political home for pro-Israel, pro-peace Americans. An advocacy group committed to ensuring Israel’s future as the democratic homeland of the Jewish people, secured through a two-state resolution, we foster dialogue and action on campus and off. Contact madison.hahamy@yale.edu, ella.goldblum@yale.edu, or daniella.shear@yale.edu for more info.

Yale Israel Journal

The YIJ explores the cultural, political and historical issues concerning Israel. Contact Mati.Zeff@yale.edu for more information.

Peace and Dialogue Leadership Initiative

PDLI is a student-run program that offers outstanding college students an opportunity to learn about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict through a 12-day trip with Yale students and West Point cadets. For more information, contact jasper.boers@yale.edu or mehmed.olgac@yale.edu.

Slifka Center Awarded The Campus Partnership Award

At Global Assembly in Atlanta, largest Jewish campus organization recognizes contributions of exemplary campus Hillels
Slifka Center Honored for Campus Partnership with Yale

“Joseph Slifka Center for Jewish Life at Yale serves as a model of how Hillels around the world succeed in engaging and educating students, no matter their size or location,” said Hillel International Interim President and CEO Adam Lehman. “We’re incredibly proud of our talented professionals for the work they do every day to inspire and support Jewish students and their entire campus communities.”

The award to Slifka Center, along with 15 other awards, which also recognize those who reflect Hillel’s culture of excellence, were presented at Hillel International’s annual Global Assembly in Atlanta, attended by more than 1,100 Hillel professionals from around the world as an opportunity for professional development, networking and continuing education.

The Campus Partnership Award recognizes Slifka Center’s multi-faceted partnerships with Yale centers and departments. These include active programmatic collaborations with the African-American House, La Casa – Yale’s Latino cultural center, Asian-American Cultural Center, Tsai Center for Innovative Thinking at Yale, Chaplain’s Office, and more. Activities include domestic and international travel (especially to Israel), research, career development, social justice, and community organizing opportunities.

The Award also highlights Slifka Center’s strategic partnership with the student-led Yale College Council. The result is a late dining program that ensures that all students – including athletes, STEM students who have late labs, and those who hold jobs while in school – have access to a healthy dinner at Slifka Center’s Lindenbaum Kosher Kitchen and Heyman Dining Commons. Together, the Yale College Council and Slifka Center filled a chronic need, and in doing so strengthened the entire Yale community. With this prestigious award, Hillel International has named Slifka Center’s partnership with Yale as a model for other Hillels around the world to follow.