Recognizing our Supporters

Slifka Center would not exist or operate without the generosity and partnership of Yale alumni, parents, students, and friends. We invite you to read the History of Jewish Life at Yale which chronicles the years before Slifka Center opened its doors, and we are so grateful to all those who answered the call in those days and those who answer that same call today to ensure that future generations of Jewish Yale students will have the opportunity to develop as Jewish adults in an environment that is safe, vibrant, robust, and integrated with the greater Yale campus.

We would like to recognize the following groups of supporters:

  • Slifka Center Founders
  • Slifka Center Endowment Fund Donors
  • Donors to the 2019-2020 Annual Campaign
  • Donors to the “Building Forward” Capital Campaign as of November 2020

We invite everyone to view our inaugural Year In Review for the 2019-2020 .

Annual Fund Donor Roll – July 1, 2019 to June 30, 2020
Includes gifts to Slifka Center’s Annual Fund and Endowment Funds, Lindenbaum Kosher Kitchen, Yale Hillel, and other Jewish student groups. YJPA denotes Yale Jewish Parent Alliance Leadership Giving Level

 $50,000 and above
Anonymous – YJPA
Rabbi Angela Warnick Buchdahl ’94 and Jacob W. Buchdahl ’94, ’97 JD, P ’23, P ’25 – YJPA
David A. Messer ’83, P ’22 – YJPA
Richard S. Pechter ’67 and Kayla Pechter, P ’93
Abigail S. Pogrebin ’87 and David Shapiro, P ’21 – YJPA
Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation
Alan B. Slifka Foundation
David B. Slifka ’01 and Michele M. Slifka
Tali Farhadian Weinstein ’97, ’03 JD and Boaz R. Weinstein

 $10,000 to $49,999
Anonymous (2) – YJPA
Nancy Marx Better ’84 and Jamie Better, P’ 15, P ’17, P ’19
Robert L. Bildner ’72 and Elisa Spungen Bildner ’75, P ’06, P ’09 ’16 MBA, P ’10, P ’16
Andrew G. Hauptman ’91 and Ellen Bronfman Hauptman ’91, P ’24 – YJPA
Akiva J. Dickstein ’90 and Anna S. Mendelsohn ’89, P ’16, P ’20, P ’22 – YJPA
Michael Feldman ’91 and Christine Glastonbury
Hillel International
Jacob J. Lindenthal, PhD Yale ’67, Dr. PH and Lorelle N. Michelson, MD, FACS
William J. Poorvu ’56 and Lia G. Poorvu, P ’81, P ’84, GP ’18
Robert A. Shlachter ’69 and Mara A. Shlachter
Rimma Shaposhnikov ’97
Yakov D. Shaposhnikov P ’97

$5,000 to $9,999
Anonymous (2) – YJPA
Anonymous (2)
Deborah Rukin Gold and Roger M. Gold, P ’22 – YJPA
Evan K. Farber ’99 and Rebecca G. Straus Farber ’01
Victoria Lindenbaum Feder ’90 and Ben L. Feder, P ’19
Jeffrey A. Grossman and Ellen Grossman
Gerald R. Hirsch and Barbara N. Seymon-Hirsch, P ’22 – YJPA
Lisa J. Kohl and Ricardo F. Hornos, P ’23 – YJPA
Tamar Sadeh, ’85, P ’15, P ’18
Robert J. Schloss ’73 and Emily M. Sack
Joseph B. Schwartz ’62 and Marilyn G. Schwartz
David Sobotka ’78 and Karen Sobotka, P ’15, P ’19
Michael L. Stern ’02 and Janna F. Stern
Peggy Gries Wager ’82 and Michael K. Wager
Philip R. Wagman ’91, ’94 JD and Adina S. Wagman
Michael D. Weinberger ’88 and Naomi D. Z. Weinberger ’88, P ’24 – YJPA

 $1,800 to $4,999
Micki and Ben Bronston, P ’22 – YJPA
Steven Fleischman and Andrea Fleischman, P ’22 – YJPA
Marshall and Merle Goldman Fund for Jewish Campus Life, P ’79, P ’82, P ’95 MPPM
Helaine Greenfeld ’85 and Richard Mintz, P ’22 – YJPA
Jewish Federation of Greater New Haven
Liebmann Family Fund – Otto B. Liebmann ’95 and Rebekah Gardner
Jeffrey H. Loria ’62, P ’01, GP ’17 and Julie Loria
Donna and Paul Nadel, P ’21 – YJPA
New Light Congregation, Pittsburgh, PA
Michaela S. Panter ’07, ’12 PhD and Yevgeny V. Gelfand ’05
Allan C. Rabinowitz ’54, and Leah G. Rabinowitz, P ’81, GP ’16
Jeremy K. Rabson ’93 and Rebecca Rabson
Hershel Safer ’81 and Pennina Safer ’81 PhD
Elliot Schwartz and Bat Sheva Marcus, P ’11, P ’13, P ’21 – YJPA
Marci B. Sternheim ’89 PhD
Suzy and Herb Tobin
Alison Berkley Wagonfeld ’91 and David S. Wagonfeld, P’24 – YJPA
The Zwillinger Family Fund

$1,000 to $1,799
Anonymous (3)
David M. Altshuler and Jill S. Altshuler, P ’23
Barak Zelinsky Foundation, Inc.
Naomi and Clarke Camper, P ’23
Joseph Z. Cohen ’02 and Romy S. Cohen
Matthew I. Cohen PhD ’97 and Min Cohen
Uri and Stacey Cohen
Lisa B. Eisen ’85 and Mitchell J. Eisen
Martin S. Gerstel ’64 and Shoshana Gerstel
Melanie Ginter ’78
Phyllis Cohen Gladstein P ’92, P ’97 PhD, P ’02, GP ’18 and Gary Gladstein
Allan M. Goldstein ’89, MS ’89 and Rachel Cohen Goldstein ’92
Lori Matloff Goler ’91 and Brian Goler
Sam Greenberg ’13
Henry S. Hacker ’65
Burton K. Haimes ’65, P ’94 and Monique Haimes
Russell J. Handelman ’80
Neil D. Herbsman ’85 and Carole R. Bernstein
Stephen J. Hoffman ’64 and Dale Hoffman, P ’01
Benjamin Liptzin ’66, P ’93, P ’96, P ’01, GP ’23
Lawrence B. Ludwig and Donna L. Ludwig, P ’00
Andres Martin ’02 MPH, ’07 MAH and Rebecca Cohen Martin, P ’18
Stephen E. Matloff ’95 and Susan D. Matloff
Ronald Morris and Elaine Morris, GP PhD ’24
Stephen Naron
Robert C. Post JD ’77 and Reva B. Siegel ’78, JD ’86
Joseph A. Rosner ’96 and Wendy Silver Rosner ’98
Steven A. Ross and Carole M. Ross, P ’22
Shana Katz Ross ’00, MBA ’06 and David A. Ross ’99, PhD ’04, MD ’05
Marc Ruskin and Debra Walton Ruskin
Daniel Stern Serviansky ’00 and Anna Stern Serviansky
Carol L. Sirot in loving memory of my late husband Gustave Sirot, M.D.
Doris Dronski Zelinsky ’71 and Edward A. Zelinsky ’72, ’75 JD, P ’06 ’10 JD, P ’07, P ’13 ’18 JD

$360 to $999
Anonymous (3)
Sidney Altman ’80 MAH
Peter S. Aronson ’87 MAH and  Marie L. Landry ’96 MAH
Jeffrey S. Bakal ’85 and Debra Aaronson Bakal ’85, P ’14, P’16 MPH ’17, P ’22
Allen E. Bale ’08 MAH
Richard W. Berenson and Barbara F. Berenson, P ’13
Steven R. Beresner and Faye Rochow Beresner
David N. Berg ’71 MA ’72 and Robin S. Golden ’79 JD ’98
Henry J. Binder ’78 MAH and Joan W. Binder, P ’86
Peter A. Braasch ’94 and Jill Braasch
Leslie Brisman ’79 MAH and Susan H. Brisman ’70 PhD, P ’01, PhD ’12
Rabbi Lester B. Bronstein ’75 and Cantor Benjie E. Schiller
Seth A. Brown ’00 MBA ’06 and Yve S. Ludwig ’00 MFA ’05
Richard L. Burger ’72 MAH ’89 and Lucy C. Salazar-Burger ’01 MA, P ’11
Thea Buxbaum and Gar Waterman
Lauren Caplan and Michael Caplan
Daniel G. Cedarbaum
Allan K. Chasanoff ’61 z”l
Powell J. Chodos and Jodi Beth Chodos
Stuart M. Cobert ’79 and Marcy Engel
Kenneth S. Cohen ’68 and Lori G. Cohen, P ’94
Martha Schall Czaczkes ’80 and Morris Czaczkes, P ’22
Elana I. Den ’03 and Daniel S. Schwartz
Michael R. Dockterman ’75 and Laura B. Di Giantonio, P ’13
Rabbi George B. Driesen ’61 JD and Susan R. Driesen, P ’83 MusM ’89 JD, P ’84
Michael J. Edwards and Susan Brenner-Edwards, P ’13
Harris R. Eppsteiner ’12 and Sloane E. Heller ’12
Rabbi Lyle A. Fishman ’73 and Debra Rosenman
Arnold H. Foster and Norene Z. Foster
Gerald H. Friedland and Gail E. Friedland
Michael L. Friedman ’55 and Carole Friedman, P ’87
Gordon Geballe ’81 PhD and Shelley Geballe ’75 JD, ’95 MPH
Karyn M. Gilvarg ’75 MARC and Eric W. Epstein ’77 MARC
Sara B. Goldstein-Stoll and Rabbi Isaama M. Goldstein-Stoll
Barbara Goren ’77 JD ’82 and David N. Rosen ’69 JD, P ’08 MusM ’12, P ’12
Seth Guller and Graciela K. Krikun-Guller
Christine Hayes ’02 MAH and Michael Della Rocca ’00 MAH, P ’16 JD ’22
Eitan H. Hochster ’16 MBA, MEM
Robert A. Horwitz ’68 PhD ’76 and Carla M. Horwitz
Nathan F. Janette and Judith S. Janette
Peter I. Jatlow z”l and Stephanie B. Jatlow, P ’86, GP ’18 MD ’22
Elizabeth A. Jonas ’82 MAH ’16 and Thomas D. Eisen
Peter J. Kahn ’73 and Deborah H. Kahn
Richard B. Kahn ’13
Shoshanah E. Kahn P ’23
Ira N. Kalfus and Elisheva Rothstein, P ’23
Alice D. Kaplan, P ’87, GP ’17, GP ’19
Jonathan D. Katz ’70 MD and Susan Lustman Katz
Andrea Nagin Kirsch ’91 JD and David A. Kirsch, P ’23
Ari Klapholz and Marjorie Lehman, P ’22
George Klein and Marlene A. Klein
Carla J. Koren and Neal A. Parish, P ’21
Wallace B. Lehman and Sheila K. Lehman, GP ’22
Rogerio C. Lilenbaum ’14 MAH
Albert P. Lilienfeld and Ana E. Lilienfeld, P ’15
Alan R. Malina and Lisa H. Pattin
George H. Meyers and Andrea A. Santoro-Meyers
George Miller Jr. ’76 MAH
Ira Mills
Evan D. Morris ’16 MAH
Samuel A. Moyn ’17 MAH and Alisa A. Berger
David Oestreich ’54 and Brenda Oestreich
Alex Ozar ’21 PhD and Lauren Steinberg
Seth M. Powsner ’78 MD and Elizabeth C. Yen ’76
Bennett M. Pudlin ’78 JD and M. Ann Judd
Steven B. Ritz ’84 and Sharon L. Ritz, P ’19
Daniel Rose ’51 and Joanna Rose, P ’79, P ’81, P ’81, P ’85, GP ’17, GP ’23
Rabbi Daniel Ross on behalf of Central Synagogue
Rabbi Jason B. Rubenstein and Arielle Kagan Rubenstein
Paul E. Sabin ’92 MAH ’16 and Emily C. Bazelon ’93 JD ’00, P ’22
President Peter Salovey ’86 PhD and Marta Elisa Moret ’84 MPH
Michael Salzhauer and Amanda R. Salzhauer, P ’22
Hannah L. Samson ’17
Philip M. Sarrel ’90 MAH and Lorna Sarrel
Ronald C. Savin ’57  and Melrene Savin, P ’84, P ’90
David M. Schizer ’90 MA ’90 JD ’93 and Meredith Wolf Schizer
Gary H. Schlesinger ’73 and Sarah H. Stemp, P ’17, P ’17 JD ’23
Joseph B. Schwartz ’62 and Marilyn G. Schwartz
Martin A. Schwartz ’13 MAH
Arthur I. Segal  ’69 and Angela Segal
Mel A. Shaftel ’65 and Pamela Shaftel, P ’95
Jerry L. Shulman ’68 and Judith L. Shulman
Alison Tepper Singer ’88 and Daniel M. Singer ’87, P ’21
David Gershkoff Slusky ’06 and Joanna Gershkoff Slusky
Adrienna G. Smaller
Benjamin Solomon-Schwartz and David Tessler
Diane R. M. Somlo ’21 MD, MBA
Erica S. Spatz
Miriam Feldstein Suldan ’83 and Joel I. Suldan, P ’13, P ’23
Roy B. Tishler and Abby E. Zanger, P ’18
Hope Wachter Kaplan ’96
Michael S. Wagner and Laura G. Wagner
Phillip H. Waldoks ’73 and Amy Z. Persky, P ’01, P ’04
Beth I. Weinberger ’01 PhD  and Mark C. Schaefer
Jenya Weinreb and Anton J. Bures

$180 to $359
Anonymous (4)
Nina R. Adams ’69 MS, ’77 MSN and Moreson H. Kaplan
Ophir Agassi ’00 and Zehava S. Packer ’00
Yoram Alhassid ’90 MAH
Paul P. Allerhand ’98 MBA and Justine Levin-Allerhand
Andrew J. Alpert ’73 and Stacey J. Keen ’75, P ’03, P ’06
Nancy R. Angoff ’81 MPH, ’90 MD and Ronald Angoff
Rabbi Sharon Cohen Anisfeld and Shimon C. Anisfeld
Henry E. Auer P ’95
Rabbi Marc A. Baker ’97 and Jill Baker
Paul F. Balser ’64 and Paula D. Balser
Judith E. Bauer ’76 and Richard Koretz
Eric B. Beckman and Jaynee Beckman, P ’23
Ellen F. Bender and Samuel D. Bender, P ’20, ’21 MPH
Steven H. Berglass ’75, ’78 JD and Roswitha Miller Berglass
Marcia F. Bickoff
Zoe L. Blacksin ’05
Chaim D. Bloom ’04 and Aliza Hochman Bloom ’05
Edward H. Cantor ’61 and Rise Siegel
Bruce A. Chabner ’61 and Davi-Ellen Chabner, P ’87, P ’89, GP ’20, GP ’21, GP ’23
Holly S. Chepow
Jonathan R. Cohen and Victoria Cohen, P ’20
Jeffrey A. Cooper ’77 and Elizabeth Schrero Cooper
Joseph M. Ditkoff ’93 and Susan Wolf Ditkoff ’95
Amy S. Dubin and Gary C. Dubin
Sarah V. Dunlap P ’09 PhD
Bennett B. Edelman ’71 and Janet M. Edelman
Frederick S. Edelman ’70 and Ivy D. Edelman, P ’02
Robin Einbinder
Morris A. Ellison ’79 and Deborah London Ellison, P ’17, P ’21
Matthew S. Ellman ’19 MAH and Laurie Ruderfer
Kathryn Emmett ’70 LLB and David S. Golub ’70, ’73 JD
Stuart Feldshon
Orli E. Low and Jeffrey E. Feuer, P ’20
Emily A. Fine ’73, ‘78 MD and Stephen A. Stein
James S. Fishkin ’70, ’75 PhD and Shelley F. Fishkin ’71, ’77 PhD, P ’00, P ’07
David Fleischman
Alan S. Forman and Christine H. Wood
Gerald J. Forman and Bayle M. Forman
Yakir M. Forman ’23 PhD and Rebecca Forman
Geraldine Frankel
Orly D. Friedman ’07 and Matthew W. Miller
Cantor David P. Frommer ’04 and Rabbi Carla Fenves
Mark D. Gelernt ’82 and Jana L. Gelernt, P ’20
Joel A. Getz
Alexander Glantz ’93 and Kirsten Landers Glantz
Lois S. Goglia
Lindy Lee L. Gold
Scott A. Gold and Jennifer A. Gold, P ’21
Jack S. Goldstein and Barbara L. Goldstein
Michael E. Goodman ’71 and Audrey Goodman
Gary V. Gordon ’73 MD, and Nancy B. Gordon ’73, P ’95, P ’12, ’21 JD
Jeffrey N. Gordon ’71 and Jessica Lane
Willis D. Gradison Jr. ’48, P ’84
Jon H. Grouf ’65, P ’90 and Gianna Nazzaro
Daniel S. Harris
Moshe S. Haspel ’90, and Rebecca L. Baggett
Clifford B. Hendler ’75 and Deborah Neipris Hendler ’75, P ’11, P ’14
Rebecca Hirsch ’99
Jay L. Hirshfield ’68 MAH and Marjorie M. Hirshfield
Joseph F. Hoffman ’65 MAH
Mitchell Horenstein z”l and Shirley Horenstein, P ’86, ’90 JD
Dov Horowitz ’14
Mindy B. Horowitz ’85 PhD and Mark Mellman ’81 MA
Paul M. Hyman ’65 and Susan M. Hyman
David F. Jaffe ’82 and Brenda H. Jaffe
Monty Kaletsky and Phyllis P. Kaletsky
Stephen H. Karlins and Pamela B. Karlins
Eric M. Katz ’74 and Susan Barbash, P ’08
Sara Kay
Zev A. Kindler and Bonnie A. Kindler, P ’19, P ’22
Marc Klapholz
Gary Kleinman
Ruth Goldfarb Koizim
William Konigsberg ’76 MAH and Paulette Cohen
Marvin Koss and Lynn C. Koss, P ’02
Camille N. Kotton and Darrell N. Kotton, P ’23
Diane S. Krause ’07 MAH
Howard S. Kroop ’68 and Deborah A. Kroop, P ’98
John H. Krystal ’84 MD and Bonnie Becker Krystal, P ’17
Leonard J. Landesberg ’90, MD ’94 and Helene Schwartz Landesberg, P ’23
Nancy F. Lanis ’78 and Arin Lanis, P ’10
Susan Z. Leff P ’00 JD and Edward T. Davis
Ela A. Leshem Naegel ’13, ’20 JD and Morton D. Bloomfield ’20 JD
Leonard M. Levine ’73 and Mateo L. Ledezma
Stuart M. Levine ’94 and Amanda Levine
Randall J. Lewis ’65 and Patricia G. Lewis, P ’98
Tamara J. Li and John Y. Li, P ’23
Nancy Liebermann
Jessica Korn Liebowitz ’87 and Ronald D. Liebowitz
David S. Liebschutz ’80 and Elizabeth H. Liebschutz
Elan D. Louis ’89 MD and Avra M. Louis
Leslie B. Lyons
Bernard Lytton ’71 MAH
Harvey J. Mamon ’83 and Roberta Fern Mamon
Cynthia F. Mann ‘76 MD
Carol Maoz and Michael Maoz
Cornelius Marx and Claire M. Marx, P ’14
Steve D. Masters ’81 and Beulah T. Masters
Marge C. Mattson
Steven G. Mednick and Marlene G. Mednick
Marcelo Messer ’97 and Caroline Korsten Messer ’00
Michelle Messer ’02, ’07 JD and Jonas J. Heymann ’02
Judith C. Meyers and Richard H. Hersh
Noah G. Millman ’92 and Carolyn Schiff
Scott N. Newman ’77 and Wendy G. Newman
Scott Norton
Ariel Nurieli ’93 and Yakira Nurieli
Peter N. Oppenheim and Fredericka G. Oppenheim
Dan Oren ’79, ’83 MD and Jeanette Kuvin Oren ’85 MPH
Ronald I. Osokow and Ellen M. Jaramillo
Melinda Papowitz
Adam S. Paris ’94
Janine Adler Parker ’82 and David Parker
Robert M. Pearl ’72 MD
Ronald A. Peck and Susan Wenderoff Peck
Aron Pell and Fredyne Pell
Sydney Perry
Kenneth B. Povodator ’71 MPhil
Linda L. Randell ’73 JD, P ’02,’05 JD
Norman J. Resnicow ’69, ’72 JD and Barbara Roses Resnicow ’74 MARC, P ’03
James H. Revkin
Emily Rose ’81 and James H. Marrow, P ’17
Marc I. Rosen ‘06 MAH and Eve Harrison
Mark N. Rosenblatt ’81, ’85 MBA and Sarah M. Stern ’81, P ’11
Marshall S. Ruben ’82 and Carolyn B. Greenspan, P ’11, ’17 JD
Arthur M. Rubin ’89 and Barbara A. Glassman
Emily B. Scharfman ’05
Robert J. Schechter ’70, ’74 MD, P ’07 and Elisabeth Schechter
Eliza R. Scheffler ’12 and Andy Granowitz
Monica Schneider
John B. Schochet ’01
S. Andrew Schulman ’85 and Ms. Elizabeth K. Maurer ’85, P ’20
Loureen Schwaber
Alan G. Schwartz ’64 LLB, P ’93, ’98 MD
Steven A. Seidman ’87 and Luba B. Seidman, P ’22, P ’24
Lynne D. Shapiro
Sarah H. Shapiro ’84 and David Shapiro
Dmitry Shteyman and Marina Shteyman, P ’22
Yonina Z. Siegal ’87, P ’23
Adena Siegel
Reuben M. Silberman ’00 and Laura B. Silberman
N. Ronald Silberstein ’49 and Ruth G. Silberstein
Steven B. Smith ’90 MAH and Susan Smith
Andrew M. Smulian ’68 and Rhona M. Smulian, P ’00
Cantor Jon E. Sobel ’86
Myrna Socol
Margery L. Sokoloff ’88, ’98 PhD and Jeffrey S. Shoulson ’95 PhD, P ’20
David Sorkin ’14 MAH and Shifra Sharlin
Gladys Soto
Samuel W. Streit and Tracey A. Streit
Joseph D. Swift and Julie A. Kohn, P ’19, P ’21
Robert B. Teitelman ’81 and Reesa Olins Teitelman
Scott Teller and Elisabeth Teller
Mark A. Tepping
Carla Weil
Ora G. Weinbach ’22 MDiv
Daniel M. Weiner ’08
Richard Weingarten ’72
Brian G. Weinstein ’59
Amy D. Weiss
Rachel S. Weiss
Nancy M. Weissman ’92 MPPM
Amy G. Weller and R. Jason Weller, P ’19
Warren D. Widmann ’61 MD and Myra Shapiro Widmann, P ’85, ’89 MD, P ’87
Michael J. Wishnie ’87, ’93 JD and Catherine J. Edwards ’87
Robert A. Wortman
Thomas M. Yamin ’60 and Patricia S. Yamin
Bernard K. Yenkin ’52 and Miriam S. Yenkin, P ’83, P ’85, GP ’17
Daniel H. Yergin ’68 and Angela E. Yergin, P ’07, P ’09
Lawrence H. Young ’80 MD and Lynn Tanoue ’82 MD, P ’14, P ’20
Kinney Zalesne ’87 and Scott Siff, P ’25
Howard Zonana ’92 MAH and Linda Howard Zonana

$72 to $179
Anonymous (6)
Joel P. Abramson and Carole R. Roth-Abramson, P ’13
Frank D. Aronson ’69 and Paula S. Aronson, P ’95
Jordan Arovas and Laurie Arovas
Eric A. Attell and Diane G. Attell P ’23
Curtis W. Bakal ’72 and Pamela J. Bakal, P ’10, MBA ’19
Barbara E. Beckerman
Alexandra R. Beizer ’15
Ira J. Berkower ’69, ’69 MS and Jackie S. Levinson ’72 JD,  P ’02, P ’09
Zina Berman and Boris Berman, P ’07
Neil Blicher and Elizabeth G. Blicher, P ’21
Harvey N. Bock ’72, ’75 JD
Gordon Borkat ’61 and Linda S. Borkat
Sara Boyd
Irwin M. Braverman
Alex I. Briskin and Jane Briskin P ’15 MPH ’16
Shirley P. Brodach and Jay H. Brodach
Lauren B. Brown
Martin E. Caan ’72/’21 MFA and Carol B. Petschek ’72, P ’13
The Rev. Dr. Paul J. Carling
Rabbi Benjamin I. Chaidell
Rabbi Adam N. Chalom ’97 and Alison J. Chalom
Hillel J. Chiel ’74 and Elizabeth K. Dreben
Dale A. Chodos and Malvin H. Chodos
Gary E. Cohen and Marcia L. Cohen
Meyer Cohen and Laura Cohen P ’20
Seth R. Cohen and Barbara F. Cohen
Stuart G. Crystal and Annine D. Crystal
Alan J. Daskin ’76 and Roberta W. Daskin
Andrew P. Davis ’54 and Dr. Jessica Grosof Davis
Igor H. De Souza
Sarah Blank Dine ’76 MA, ’77 MPhil and Richard Dine
Marc B. Dorfman ’73 and Lisa Korngut Dorfman
Toni Dorfman and John L. Gaddis ’97 MAH
Mildred N. Ebbin ’57 DRAMA, P ’98 PhD
Ziv Eisenberg ’13 PhD and Shiri T. Goren
David J. Eisenman ’92 MD and Mindy M. Herzfeld, ’95 JD
Irit I. Epelbaum Iberkleid ’01
Marc Fagel and Julie Lubetkin, P ’20
Aryeh Feder and Rachel Levine, P ’22
Mark P. Feinberg and Beatrice B. Feinberg, P’ 13
Margalit L. Feuer ’20
Michael Y. Filler and Renata B. Filler
Louis K. Fisher ’93, ’97 JD and Nina M. Fisher ’93, ’97 MD, P ’23
Howard P. Forman ’07 MAH
Andrew Freedman ’71
Pinhas Friedenberg and Doris Friedenberg, P ’20 PhD
Jay S. Friedler and Debra L. Friedler
Barbara W. Friedman GP ’20 MPH ’21
Rebecca Gannam
Rebecca G. Gelernter
Myron Genel ’82 MAH and Phyllis B. Genel
Gordon Gerson ’58
Elliott L. Gimble ’86 MFS and Ann M. Renauer ’86 MBA
Doreen S. Gluckin ’71 and Richard Kanter
Arnold S. Gordon and Lynne A. Gordon, P ’02
Rabbi Deena J. Gottlieb ’15
Michael J. Grad ’77 and Emily Christenfeld, P ’20
Robert A. Grauman and Judith I. Grauman, P ’00
Paul J. Green ’70 and Lisa Green
Allan D. Greenberg and Sima M. Greenberg, P ’07
Norman R. Greenberg ’22 MD
Carl D. Gross and Deborah A. Gross
Miriam C. Grossman
Saul L. Grossman and Susan C. Grossman
Daniel F. Gutherz
Avigayil N. Halpern ’19
Sarah B. Hamerling ’19
Nathan L. Heilweil and Suzanne M. Heilweil P ’97, P ’02
Stanley S. Heller ’56 and Rita R. Heller, P ’86
Louis G. Hochberg
Morton D. Hoffman and Edith A. Goldman, P ’08
Vicki L. Hoffman P ’17 JD
Gary R. Hopen and Beth E. Talansky-Hopen, P ’17, ’23 JD
Michael Horton
Saran Jonas ’52 and Ruth Haber Jonas P ’82, P ’84
Peter Kahn
Alice Kaplan ’81 PhD
Davida S. Kashdan and Alan G. Kashdan, P’20 MEM
Stanley H. Katz ’54
Michiyo M. Kawachi P ’06
Edward M. Kimball ’68
Robert E. Kleiger ’56
Barry Kolatch ’81 PhD and Erica Kolatch ’77
Rabbi Sarah Y. Krinsky ’12 and Rabbi Daniel Novick
Bradley D. Kronstat and Barbara R. Kronstat
Dale M. Kroop
Gail M. Lawrence
Carl B. Lazarus ’69 and Joyce Block Lazarus, P ’04
Alex Lehrer and Amy A. Lehrer
John G. Levi and Jill F. Levi, P ’04, P ’08, P ’16
Aaron M. Levine ’17 JD
Richard L. Levine and Nancy Levine
Lawrence M. Lieblich ’73 and Perri C. Fitterman, P ’08, P ’10
Rebecca Y. Linfield ’11 and Leon S. Moskatel
Rita Lipson
Sacha F. Litman ’95 and Rochelle A. Behrens
Cynthia H. Livingston ’63 MAT, P ’88 MD ’96, P ’99
Adina R. Lopatin ’05
Nelson J. Luria ’63, ’66 LLB and Mary Mercer Luria ’67 LLB
Andrea S. Macnow and  Ethan C. Macnow
Lawrence E. Marks ’84 and Joya E. Marks
Susan E. Maya ’14 MD
Laurence H. Meyer ’65 and Florence Krauser Meyer, P ’93, P ’95
Marjorie P. Micklos
Jennifer E. Millman ’06
Frederick Naftolin ’78 MAH and Marcie Naftolin, P ’93 MD ’97, GP ’23
Seth R. Niedermayer ’06 and Samantha Himelman
Nancy Nishball
Michael I. Oppenheim ’93 MD and Jennifer A. Oppenheim
Zachary T. Paris ’70, ’73 JD and Deborah W. Paris ’71, P ’97, P ’02 MFA
Mark L. Perlis ’74 and Ruth Lis ’78 YSPH
Sydney Perry P ’05, ’90 JD
Barry A. Philips
Michael G. Platzer P ’13
David N. Podell
David M. Pritzker ’62 and Charlene S. Pritzker, P ’99, P ’03
Daniel E. Prober ’86 MAH and Sharon J. Prober
Lynn Jackson Quinn
Robert N. Reitter ’59, ’62 MIA
Judith E. Resnik ’97 MAH and Dennis E. Curtis ’66 LLB
Ned Rogin and Norma Rogin
Peter R. Rogol and Susan S. Rogol
Frederick M. Rosen ’80 and Naomi Rosen
Alison T. Rosenblum ’07
Carol Rosenthal and Fred M. Rosenthal
Michael E. Ross ’67 and Benita G. Ross, P ’93, P ’99, GP ’20
Joshua L. Rubenstein
Joel D. Rubin ’83
Maurice A. Samuels ’07 MAH
Sara K. Sapire ’94 and Joshua M. Sapire
Jonathan D. Sarna ’79 PhD and Ruth Langer, P ’14
Carol R. Scheffler and Michael A. Scheffler, P ’12
Allen Schick ’66 PhD and Miriam Schick
Bruce S. Schneider ’71 PhD
Harvey S. Schochet and Kathleen Kerr-Schochet, P ’01
Cliff L. Schorr and Jane A. Schorr
David B. Seifer MAH ’19
Douglas S. Selin and Pamela Roth Selin, P’ 23
Martin L. Senzel ’66, ’69 JD and Dagni Senzel
Jane Laeger Shapero
Noam J. Shapiro ’15
Natalie R. Shilo
Claire Shindler
Jeffrey B. Sidney ’64 and Adele Sidney
Jonathan R. Silverstone ’15
Jane Skolnick
Michael R. Slater ’67, ’72 JD, P ’97, P ’03
William A. Smith, Jr. ’78
Avital Soldatenko and Gregory Soldatenko, P ’21
Charles Sommerfield  ’67 MAH, P ’96  and Linda M. Bartoshuk ’85 MAH
Laurence T. Sorkin ’67 LLB and Joan Ross Sorkin
Alan Stamm ’52 and Shelley L. Stamm, P ’04
Robert L. Stern z”l and Virginia W. Stern, P ’82, GP ’17
Leon Strauss
Robert G. Sugarman ’60, ’63 LLB and Surie Rudoff
Stanley F. Taback and Pearl Bloom Taback, P ’93, P ’95
Michael L. Temin ’54
Avi A. Terry P ’12
Karen Harkavy Toker ’67 MD, P ’91
Alexander Troy ’81 and Dale A. Troy ’80, ’83 JD, P ’12, P ’18, P ’19
Steve K. Victor and Susanne F. Roberts
Arthur M. Virshup ’63
Jennifer Rogin Wallis
Laura Margolis Warshawsky ’84 and Mark J. Warshawsky
Martin E. Warshawsky and Rose E. Gole, P ’21
Elia Weinbach and Helga B. Weinbach,  P ’98
Hillel Weinberg ’81 PhD and Debra A. Weiner
Robert L. Weinberg ’53, ’58 LLB and Patricia W. Weinberg ’59 LLB, P ’85, P ’92
Alan D. Weinstock and Joan Weinstock
Frederic B. Weissler ’71
Joshua H. Wolf ’02 and Risa M. Wolf
David M. Wolfsohn and Elise Wolfsohn
Richard L. Worth ’95
Jill Feinberg Wurcel
Lisa Wyant
Peter Zabarsky and Ludmila Zabarsky
Benjamin J. Zigun ’84 and Jennifer R. Zigun

Up to $72
Anonymous (6)
Raymond D. Agran ’79
Milo J. Altschuler and Jane L. Altschuler
Emilie E. Amar-Zifkin ’22 PhD
Avraham Amith and Marcia Amith, P ’00 PhD, GP ’20
John T. Anderson and Rena A. Sokolow, P ’21
Barry S. Ansel
Shirley Arffa
Alan N. Arnson ’56 and Susan Arnson
David A. August ’80 MD and Barbara W. August
Cathy C. Austin
Rebecca L. Bakal ’16, ’17 MPH
Syd Bakal ’22
Barbara Ballinger
William L. Barbieri ’93 and Debra B. Barbieri
Kenneth C. Bardach ’65 and Karen Lefebvre
Julie R. Batz and Jhos Singer, P ’17
Daniel F. Berenson ’13 and Melanie K. Goldstein
Robert A. Bergner
Alan D. Bernard ’71 and Mary Jo Bernard, P ’08
Martha K. Birnbaum and Abraham S. Birnbaum, P ’93
Samuel R. Breidbart ’11, JD ’19 and Meryl Natow Breidbart ’20 MBA
Peter A. Brier ’56 and Nurith Brier, P ’04
Emily A. Briskin ’15, ’16 MPH
Loren D. Brody ’98
Herbert T. Bronstein
Ellen Sklaver Bush ’79 and Eric C. Bush
Guido Calabresi ’53, ’58 LLB and Anne Audubon Calabresi, P ’85, P ’89
Scott B. Cantor ’81 and Lisa E. Stone, ’78, ’82 MPH, P ’12
Edmund C. Case ’72 and Wendy B. Case, P ’00
Shulamith S. Chernoff, P ’77, P ’78, P ’84, GP ’15
Avner Chesler
Kimberly Choma
Rachel A. Chung ’18 JD
Adam P. Cohen ’77 and Cindy F. Cohen
Barbara R. Cohen and David M. Cohen, P ’18
Julie L. Cohen ’80 and Larry Visochek
Matthew W. Cohen and Lauren B. Cohen, P’ 21
Russell M. Cohen ’17
Peter B. Cole
Stephany Cousins
Donald R. Coustan ’64, ’68 MD and Terri Coustan, P ’92
Raymond F. Crystal ’60 and Laura M. Crystal, P ’86, P ’87, P ’90, GP ’20, GP ’21, GP ’22, GP ’23
Mitchell I. Cutler and Ilene M. Cutler, P ’21
Harry H. Davidson ’52 and Diane Davidson
Gabrielle S. Deutch ’18
Marshall A. Deutsch ’61
Louis H. Diamond and Marilyn H. Diamond, GP ’11, GP ’18 JD ’22
Max J. DuBoff PhD ’25
Norman Ellman and Carolyn Ellman, P ’06
Peter T. Ellner
Roy A. Elzur ’19
Rebekah H. Emanuel ’07
Richard F. Evans
Sam G. Feder ’19
Joel R. Feidelman ’58 LLB, P ’89, P ’91 and Jan C. Feidelman
David M. Feinman ’48
Rabbi Cathy L. Felix ’74 and Rabbi Elliot S. Schoenberg
Tali Finger
Claire F. Fisher ’83 and David E. Fisher, P ’13
Matt Fleischer-Black ’92 and Jessica B. Fleischer-Black
Martin H. Floch and Gladys Floch
Steven P. Floman ’64 and Susan K. Floman
Steven D. Fraade ’89 MAH and Ellen Cohen
Alan J. Frankel ’88
Adam P. Freedman ’80 and Joy M. Freedman
Alan W. Fremmer and Linda B. Fremmer, P ’96
Naftali R. Friedman and Zoya Raynes
Darcy R. Fryer ’01 PhD
Barry B. Galton ’54 and Ann B. Galton, P ’81
Salvatore Garamella
Rabbi Everett E. Gendler and Mary L. Gendler, P ’87 MAH ’06, GP ’20, GP ’23
Rachel Gerstein and Mark B. Gerstein ’07 MAH
Brett J. Gerstenhaber and Blanche Gerstenhaber
Perry J. Gethner ’77 PhD
Diane M. Glass ’81
Matthew D. Gold ’71 and Karen S. Gold
Goldie E. Goldberg and Zelly E. Goldberg
Richard E. Goldberg and Marina Bosi-Goldberg, P ’22
Phillip B. Goldblatt P ’91
Alexandra F. Golden ’17, ’19 MEM
Juli Goodman
Bonnie L. Gossels ’84
Eric H. Green ’94 and Dina M. Eisner
Leonard G. Greenberg ’48 and Brenda J. Greenberg, P ’88, P ’90
Les R. Greene ’73 PhD and Michelle Greene, P ’08
Ronald R. Greene and Barbara L. Greene
Samuel J. Gross ’20
John F. Grubin ’66 and Roselle T. Grubin
Judith S. Hahn
Rabbi Kevin J. Hale ’84 and Ruth Ever
Max Heimowitz ’23
Michael Heimowitz and Dorothy M. Gillman, P ’23, P ’23
Richard L. Hermann ’68 and Anne M. Hermann, P ’03
Gerald M. Hillman ’75 PhD and Gilda Hillman
Alison Hoffer
Mark D. Hoffer ’76 JD and Ann Wax
Rabbi Daniel Blumenthal Hoffman ’08 and Eliezah Blumenthal Hoffman
Jonathan Hoffman ’69 and Donna C. Hoffman
Susan A. Hoffman and William B. Hoffman
Eric D. Isaacs and Linda F. Goldwyn, P ’20
Ziona Isaacs
Peric S. Isenstein and Alison A. Isenstein
Marlene Goldberg Itzler and Roy J. Itzler
Steven J. Jacobs and Amy O. Jacobs, P ’17
Carole B. Jacoby and Raul R. Jacoby, P ’96
Peter R. Jay ’94 MD and Ilene S. Jay, P ’22
Zach Kagin ’11
David Kalodner P ’21
Charles H. Kaplan ’75 and Linda S. Kaplan, P ’03, P ’06
Richard D. Kaplan ’70 PhD and Ellen W. Kaplan, P ’93, P ’97
Gail H. Kedrus ’74 and Vitaliy Kedrus
Judith Etkind Kibbe
Mona Klaber and Stephen J. Klaber, P ’04
Idit Klein ’94 and Jordan I. Namerow
Jared S. Klein ’74 PhD and Ellen P. Klein
Neal M. Klein
Dovod Kotker
Zachary J. Krislov ’15, ’23 JDope G. Kronman ’12
Andrea Labov Clark ’85
Hannah LaBovick ’18
Charles B. Land ’59 and Joy A. Land
Jack P. Lawson ’89 MAH and Elaine J. Lawson
Roberta C. Lehmann
Michael I. Levin ’89 and Barbara Levin
Martin L. Levine ’63 JD and Martha L. Levine
Harry A. Levy ’82 MPH and Carol A. Pollard-Levy, P ’99
Martin H. Lewis ’73 and Randi Gelfand Lewis
James H. Liberman ’74, ’77 MARC and Janet Goodman, P ’11, P ’11
Daniel A. Lichtin and Judith G. Lichtin, P ’16
Seth Lieberman ’82 JD and Andrea Glick, P ’21
Martin J. Lipinsky and Cathy F. Lipinsky
Maya Loewenberg ’98 MEM, P ’18
Henry A. Lowet ’57 LLB, and Eleanor G. Lowet, P ’83, P ’84, P ’88, GP ’18
Ikenna J. Maduno ’22
Jeffrey A. Magnin ’78, ’87 MFA
Jon Malish
Lauren Markoe ’90
Gerald J. Marks P ’85, GP ’18
Richard A. Markus ’62 and Joan B. Markus, P ’88
Jonathan P. Marx ’17
Bruce McClenning and Liliane McClenning
Douglas L. Melzer and Marcia I. Melzer, P ’99
Taro Meyer P ’91
Eleanore Miller
Irwin F. Miller
Hiam Naiditch ’17 MD, MHS
Arthur M. Nassau ’57, ’60 JD and Reba E. Nassau
Allan S. Night P ’09
Thomas R. Norman and Bea R. Norman
Estelle B. Nussbaum ’88 MFA and Paul B. Nussbaum
Peter H. Olin and Sherry Olin
Jenny Peek ’17 MDiv
Daniel A. Pollack ’16
Iris J. Friedman ’77
Alexander H. K. Posner ’18
Johanna C. Press ’15
Arthur R. Rabson and Valerie J. Rabson, P ’93
Allan M. Rashba ’60 and Bernette S. Rashba
Daniel Salo Reich ’94 and Amy L. Eisner
Daniel Samuel Reich ’98, ’02 JD and Maya Benton
Sophia Reich
Michael Reichbart
Philip Rhodes ’67 MIA and Irene D. Rhodes, P ’91, GP ’21
Charles D. Rich ’83 and Leslie F. Rich
Edward D. Richkind and Joanna M. Callenbach, P ’16, P ’21
William J. Robbins ’72 and Patricia B. Robbins
Saul I. Roselaar ’21
Michael I. Rosenbaum P ’00
Seth A. Rosenthal ’87 MD and Joi Barrett ’88 MD
Hal Rothbaum and Susan M. Rothbaum, P ’23
Philip E. Rothschild and Robin S. Rosenbaum, P ’23
Ellen C. Rubin ’80 MSN
Lawrence H. Rustin
Michael L. Rutenberg Schoenberg ’19 PhD and Sarah V. Zager ’21 PhD
Joseph D. Saccio ’59 MD z”l and Susan C. Saccio ’65 MA
Joshua A. Safran ’93an Salzhauer and Tzipi Salzhauer, P ’95
Charlie Samuels
David R. Schaefer and Janet C. Hall
Deena Steinberg Schneider ’71, P ’03, P ’06
Lionel M. Schooler and Marsha Schooler, P ’00
Catherine S. Schreiber ’75 and Miles N. Ruthberg ’73
Allison M. Schwartz
Arnold M. Schwartz ’53
Jennifer Scopp
Donald J. Segal ’60 and Fern B. Segal, P ’88
Bruce K. Segall ’81 and Robin E. Rosenberg
Alan J. Segan P ’96
Madeline F. Seidman ’22 MFA
Kayle Shapero
Sarah T. Shapiro ’72
Morris Shoretz and Carol A. Finkelstein Shoretz, P ’16
Peter Shrock P ’82
Allen H. Siegel and Andrea F. Siegel
James J. Silk ’89 JD and Jean V. Silk
Saul S. Siller
Carol S. Silverman ’86
Marsha L. Silverman ’80 YSPH and Thomas T. Brunelle
Jerome L. Simon and Hilary L. Bates ’86, P ’23
Isabel B. Singer ’16
Jessica Siskind
Richard L. Skolnik ’72 and Sophia Skolnik
Arthur B. Spitzer ’74 JD and Elisabeth K. Boas
Ira Sprinzen and Robin L. Sprinzen
Claire M. Stanford ’06
Jeffrey S. Steinberg ’83, ’86 JD and Julia R. Steinberg
Mitzi S. Steiner ’17 JD
Adam C. Stern ’82, P ’17
Harold Stern and Sandra B. Stern
Rachel E. Stratton
Lawrence A. Strauss ’56 and Francine Weinberg
Rabbi Edward J. Sukol and Roxanne B. Sukol, P ’15
Lee Suppé
Ronald J. Tabak ’71
Joey Parnes ’77 and Ellen P. Tattelman ’77, ’82 MD, P ’11, P ’14, P ’22
Sheila Taub
Barry M. Tenin
Erwin Tepper ’53
Jean A. Thaler ’83
Robert L. Trupin ’65 and Katharine E. Trupin
Allan A. Tulchin ’90 and Judith R. Miller
Norman A. Turkish
Mark L. Tykocinski ’74 and Judith Tykocinski, P ’10
Steven J. Ugent ’91 MD and Randy B. Ugent
Susan Drezner Ultan W ’55, P ’85
Boris D. Veysman ’03 MD and Betsy O. Veysman
Jonathan M. Wahl ’65, ’65 MA and Deborah S. Wahl, P ’99 MD ’07
Donald W. Walter ’80 PhD and Joan Gruner Walter
Gwendolyn Kane-Wanger and David K. Wanger, P ’13, P ’19
Joel A. Wasserman ’87 MPH and  Leslie L. Wasserman
Michael Weiner and Cynthia H. Weiner, P ’19, P ’22
Alan J. Weisbard ’77 JD and Phyllis Holman Weisbard, P ’08
Jennifer M. Wexler ’91
Arlene L. Weyler W ’52
Gary J. Whitman ’82 and Susan Whitman
Edward B. Winnick ’59 JD and Mary Lou Winnick, P ’93 MBA
Allen I. Young ’61
Joseph L. Young ’62 and Ina Weinstein Young P ’84 JD ’89
Steven E. Zalesch and Barbara M. Zalesch
Keith E. Zeff and Karen A. Zeff, P ’07 MBA ’16
Jeffrey R. Zigun ’80 and Suzanne M. Zigun
Bruce E. Zundell ’68, ’76 PhD and Judith B. Zundell

Slifka Center: Building Forward Capital Campaign

Yale Credit is available through June 30, 2021. Contributions
of $1,000 or more through November 15, 2020 are listed below.

Frank D. Aronson ’69 and Paula Aronson, P ’95
Mordechai M. Beizer ’78 and Wendy Beizer
Peter B. Bensinger, Jr. and Heidi Wagman, P ’17, P ’20, P ’22 JD
Nancy Marx Better ’84 and Jamie Better, P ’15, P ’17, P ’19
Robert L. Bildner ’72 and Elisa Spungen Bildner ’75, P ’06, P ’09, P ’10, P ’16
David S. Blatt ’85, ’88 JD and Lisa Blatt, P ’21, P ’23
Rabbi Angela Warnick Buchdahl ’94 and Jacob W. Buchdahl ’94, ’97 JD, P ’23, P ’25
Scott B. Cantor ’81 and Lisa E. Stone ’78, ’82 MPH, P ’12
Joseph Z. Cohen ’02 and Romy S. Cohen
Matthew I. Cohen PhD ’97 and Min Cohen
Edgar Cullman, Jr. ’68 and Elissa Cullman, P ’97, P ’02
Akiva J. Dickstein ’90 and Anna S. Mendelsohn ’89, P ’16, P ’20, P ’22
Michael Dockterman ’75 and Laura B. Di Giantonio, P ’13
Ariela R. Dubler ’98 JD, ’03 PhD and Hon. Jesse M. Furman ’98 JD, P ’25
Evan K. Farber ’99 and Rebecca G. Straus Farber ’01
Victoria Lindenbaum Feder ’90 and Ben L. Feder, P ’19
Michael L. Friedman ’55 and Carole Friedman, P ’87
Rabbi Michael S. Friedman ’99 and Haley Lieberman
Michael S. Gamzon ’91 and Rebecca D. Gamzon, ’91, P ’20, P ’23
Gordon Geballe ’81 PhD and Shelley Geballe ’75 JD, ’95 MPH
Ira H. Gewolb ’72, ’76 MD
Phyllis Cohen Gladstein P ’92, P PhD ’97, P ’02, GP ’18 and Gary Gladstein
Gladys Godfried and Milton S. Godfried ’32, ’36 MD, z’l
Beth E. Goldman ’84 and Louis M. Solomon, P ’24
Allan M. Goldstein ’89, ’89 MS and Rachel Cohen Goldstein ’92
David P. Gordon ’77 and Meryl Greenwald Gordon ’78, P ’08, P ’14
Sam Greenberg ’13
Helaine Greenfeld ’85 and Richard Mintz, P ’22
Peggy Gries Wager ’82 and Michael K. Wager
John B. Harris ’78 and Marcy Ressler Harris ’80
Janice L. Honigberg ’79, P ’20
Marshall S. Huebner ’93 JD and Dina Gerber Huebner ’91 JD
Ruth Jarmul ’71 and Irvin Rosenthal, P ’03
Peggy Edersheim Kalb ’86 and Scott Kalb
Zachary D. Kaufman ’00, ’09 JD
Judy Sandler and Skip Klein ’83
Robert C. Klipper ’11, ’16 JD and Rachel Klipper ’11, ’12 MPH
Klipper Family Foundation
Carl Lazarus ’69 and Joyce Lazarus, P ’04
Ronald A. Lehmann ’84, ’89 JD and Devra R. Lehmann ’86
Andrew M. Levine ’97, ’02 JD and Sara Buchdahl Levine ’97
Samuel G. Levy ’05 and Cynthia Kamami-Levy
David S. Liebschutz ’80 and Elizabeth H. Liebschutz
Niki E. Marcus ’97 and Jeff E. Marcus ’95, ’99 JD
Andres Martin ’02 MPH, ’07 MAH and Rebecca Cohen Martin, P ’18
Gary P. Mendelsohn ’91 and Paulette Mendelsohn P ’18, P ’20, P ’21, P ’25
Harris Oliner ’94 and Carrie Oliner
Dan Oren ’79, ’83 MD and Jeanette Kuvin Oren ’85 MPH
Richard S. Pechter ’67 and Kayla Pechter, P ’93
Mitchell Raab ’95 and Katia Brener Raab ’95
Jeremy K. Rabson ’93 and Rebecca Rabson
Muhit Rahman ’79 and Anna Rahman ’80, P ’12, P ’14, P ’19
Robert S. Rifkind ’58 and Arleen B. Rifkind, P ’89 JD ’93, P ’93
Tamar Sadeh ’85, P ’15, P ’18
President Peter Salovey ‘86 PhD and Marta Elisa Moret ‘84 MPH
Barbara L. Friedman MAT ’65, Adam J. Savitz ’87,
Lisa Beth F. Savitz ’88, and Samuel F. Savitz ’17
Andrew H. Schapiro ’85 and Tamar Newberger, P ’24
Debbie Schiller and Ronald P. Schiller, P ’22
David G. Schlussel ’80 and Rena D. Schlussel, P ’13
Joseph B. Schwartz ’62 and Marilyn G. Schwartz
Bat Sheva Marcus and Elliot Schwartz, P ’11, P ’13, P ’21
Yishai Schwartz ’13, ’18 JD and Daniella Penn ’20 DIV
Daniel Stern Serviansky ’00 and Anna Stern Serviansky
David B. Slifka ’01 and Michele M. Slifka
David A. Sobotka ’78 and Karen Sobotka, P ’15, P ’19
Michael L. Stern ’02 and Janna F. Stern
Roger L. Strong, Jr. ’79 and Nancy E. Strong, P ’16
Mark L. Tykocinski ’74 and Judith Tykocinski
Philip R. Wagman ’91, ’94 JD and Adina S. Wagman
Michael D. Weinberger ’88 and Naomi D. Z. Weinberger ’88, P ’24
Maury Yeston ’67, ’74 PhD
Kinney Zalesne ’87 and Scott Siff, P ’25
Doris Dronski Zelinsky ’71 and Edward A. Zelinsky ’72, ’75 JD, P ’06 JD ’10, P ’07, P ’13 JD ’18