JiNH: Jews in New Haven

Jews in New Haven (JiNH) is a non-denominational and pluralistic social community of Jewish professionals and graduate students in their 20s and 30s in the New Haven area. We include students, partners, Yale staff and faculty, and others who want to get involved. There are no membership fees, but some of our more expensive events do cost a small amount of money.

The Joseph Slifka Center funds the organization, with Juli Goodman currently serving as JiNH coordinator. JiNH periodically sponsors discounted Shabbat dinners and other events at Slifka. Beyond these regular happenings, JiNH puts on a wide range of religious, social, and cultural activities. While we know that not everyone will want to come to every single one, we hope that everyone can find something to connect to and get involved with, and we can always use the help of members to suggest and plan events.

Welcome to Yale’s Jewish graduate and professional community! Whether you’re new to campus or have returned to Yale to continue your studies, we look forward to seeing you at JiNH events throughout the year.