Every week, students leave the stressful week of classes behind and come together to enjoy another wonderful Shabbat at Yale. Reform, egalitarian, and Orthodox services meet every Friday night and include student-led prayer, song, and teaching. Click here to see candle-lighting times in New Haven, CT.

At 7:00 pm, the entire community joins together in the Slifka Center Dining Room.  A Slifka Center staff member delivers a D’var Torah and then all enjoy a family-style Shabbat meal, often followed by singing, a speaker, or a “Kiddush club”—a social gathering hosted in a student’s suite.  Please click here to register for Shabbat Dinner or Shabbat lunch.

On Saturday morning, the Orthodox Minyan and either the Egalitarian Minyan or Minyan Urim meet. Following services is a communal kiddush, and then lunch, always featuring delicious cholent, a traditional beef stew. After lunch, many students sing traditional Shabbat songs and generally enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of the day.