Noah Wellness Center


The Noah Wellness Center was created in 2021 to support and nourish the mental health and wellbeing of those served by the Slifka Center. Through resources, dedicated space, and programming, the center presents an opportunity for students to show up as their full selves. Amidst the academic, social, and other pressures that Yale students encounter, the Noah Wellness Center strives to create space for students to just be. Visit the center’s physical space inside Susman Hall just off Slifka Center’s lobby to stay updated on related programming.

If you have ideas for something to add to the center or what programs you’d like to see, or if you are seeking support around mental health or substance use issues, reach out to Associate Jewish Chaplain Rachel Leiken at


Below are links to various campus and off-campus resources. Slifka Center staff members are here to support you, whether by connecting you with resources, sitting with you as you make appointments, accompanying you on walks to access campus resources, supporting transportation costs to off-campus resources, and more. Email Associate Jewish Chaplain Rachel Leiken at, or reach out to any member of the Slifka Center staff.

Pastoral Care at Slifka

Yale Mental Health and Counseling

Yale Mental Health (acute)

Yale Chaplain’s Office

Yale Well

The Good Life Center

Walden Peer Counseling


Alcohol and Other Drugs Harm Reduction at Yale

If you think you or a friend might have a longer-term problem with alcohol or other drugs, you can get in touch with one of Yale’s substance abuse counselors, who can help you think through this:


Marie Baker, Yale Health Substance Abuse Counselor

(203) 432-1891


Graduate and Professional Students:

Maury Steigman, Yale Health Substance Abuse Counselor

(203) 432-7366


988 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration