Alternative Spring Break

Looking for a way to work with your hands, get outside, and transform the way you experience Judaism?

Slifka Center partners with outside organizations to design meaningful alternative spring break trips for Yale students. Trips are unique and transformative and students explore how relevant Judaism is to building healthier communities.


“Our group worked alongside the Villa del Rio community in Puerto Rico to help address the damages caused by Hurricane Maria. After community members taught us skills such as mixing concrete and rebarring metal, we were able to help construct a roof, build an erosion guard, and develop the foundation for what will eventually become a septic tank. During downtime, we had the chance to bond with the community members through shared lunches, coloring book sessions, and a basketball game. Through these experiences, we have been inspired by the resilience and persistent hard work of the Villa del Rio community.”
– Written by a group of students who attended Puerto Rico Alternative Spring Break March 2018 – A Collaboration Between Slifka Center and La Casa Cultural

Please contact Juli Goodman for more information.