Robert Bildner ’72 and Elisa Spungen Bildner ’75 Fellowship in Contemporary & Historical Jewish Life in Israel and the Diaspora

The Robert Bildner ’72 and Elisa Spungen Bildner ’75 Fellowship in Contemporary and Historical Jewish Life in Israel and the Diaspora provides funding to study, work, and do research or an independent project related to contemporary and historical Jewish life in Israel and the Diaspora including, but not limited to, Jewish Studies, Israel Studies, the study of Hebrew and Yiddish, Holocaust studies and anti-Semitism studies, Jewish theology and religious thought, Jewish biblical studies and archeology, Jewish culture and the arts, or other related fields of inquiry. Such projects may be completed in the United States, Israel, or any other country, so long as the subject matter relates to these fields. Funding is available for both summer and term-time activities.

To apply visit Yale Grants and Fellowships at http://studentgrants.yale.edu/welcome.asp and search “Bildner Fellowship”

The Blanksteen Curatorial Fellowship

The Blanksteen Curatorial Fellowship at The Jewish Museum in New York provides stipends of $5,000 for each of five Yale students (not restricted to undergraduates) to participate in a full-time, summer internship at The Jewish Museum, where they are engaged in high-level curatorial and publications learning experiences. Blanksteen Fellows will return to Yale and design an exhibition from concept to reception at Slifka Center.  Please go to [email protected] for the Summer 2017 Blanksteen Fellowship information.  Please submit a  cover letter and resume.  Indicate which project interests you.  You may include first and second choices.  Deadline is March 10, 2017.  For questions contact [email protected] at the Slifka Center.

Tzedek Social Action Fellowships

The Tzedek fellowship provides students with the opportunity to receive funding for the pursuit of social action/justice in New Haven while simultaneously learning about the Jewish traditions and values of Tzedek (Justice) and Tikkun Olam (Repair the World) that infuse community service in a Jewish context.

Each fellow will be required to attend meals at Slifka Center to talk about projects and learn about service in relation to Judaism. Fellows will also be highly encouraged to attend other Social Action/Justice events and programs as we look to grow the Social Justice community at Slifka.

For more information contact [email protected]

Wexner Graduate Fellowship/Davidson Scholars Program

Participating in the Wexner Graduate Fellowship/Davidson Scholars Program is a unique opportunity for leadership growth for entering (applying this year) or first-year students in graduate school programs designed to train them to become Jewish professional leaders (rabbis, cantors, educators, academics, administrators, etc.). In addition to financial assistance for graduate study, fellows become part of a diverse professional community that encourages learning about one’s self as a leader though interactions with others with different points of view.  Fellows engage with expert faculty members in the field of leadership education and expert scholars in Jewish studies. Being part of the Wexner Graduate Fellowship/Davidson Scholars Program extends well beyond the 4-year leadership program. Our extensive alumni network serves as a professional community throughout fellows’ careers. To learn more about the eligibility requirements and awards, and to submit the eligibility form for the application for those in their first year of graduate school or applying for the 2013-upcoming academic year, please visit www.wexnerfoundation.org.

Yeshivat Hadar

Yeshivat Hadar brings together diverse students and talented faculty in a passionate, intellectually satisfying, and religiously relevant beit midrash. Hadar is located in Manhattan, and is a hub of Jewish life that is committed to Jewish life built on halakha, Talmud Torah, and egalitarianism. Fellowships are available for summer- and year-long programs in which students community is built on learning and davening together, and extends to sharing meals, visiting the elderly, and teaching Torah to a broad span of the New York Jewish community. Hadar also offers part-time learning and shorter programs, including a one-week seminar for college students each January and May, which can give you a feel for the place. For more information about learning at Hadar, or to apply, visit mechonhadar.org/apply or write R. Jason Rubenstein at [email protected].