The Blanksteen Curatorial Fellowship

The Blanksteen Curatorial Fellowship at The Jewish Museum in New York provides stipends of $5,000 for each of five Yale students (not restricted to undergraduates) to participate in a full-time, summer internship at The Jewish Museum, where they are engaged in high-level curatorial and publications learning experiences. Blanksteen Fellows will return to Yale and design an exhibition from concept to reception at Slifka Center.  Please go to [email protected] for the Summer 2017 Blanksteen Fellowship information.  Please submit a  cover letter and resume.  Indicate which project interests you.  You may include first and second choices.  For questions contact [email protected] at the Slifka Center.

Tzedek Social Action Fellowships

The Tzedek fellowship provides students with the opportunity to receive funding for the pursuit of social action/justice in New Haven while simultaneously learning about the Jewish traditions and values of Tzedek (Justice) and Tikkun Olam (Repair the World) that infuse community service in a Jewish context.

Each fellow will be required to attend meals at Slifka Center to talk about projects and learn about service in relation to Judaism. Fellows will also be highly encouraged to attend other Social Action/Justice events and programs as we look to grow the Social Justice community at Slifka.


For more information contact Dalia Moallem ’21 [email protected] (Tzedek Chair)