Slifka hosts “Morning at Yale”

featuring Tamar Gendler ’87, Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences; Vincent J. Scully Professor of Philosophy and Professor of Psychology and Cognitive Sciences

FIRESIDE CHAT ON THE FUTURE WITH DEAN GENDLER: What will a Yale education look like in 2050? What differences might we see, halfway through the century, in the composition of Yale’s faculty? How will artificial intelligence change the way teachers teach and students learn? And how will Yale remain distinctive among its peers? In this conversation with Slifka Center Executive Director Uri Cohen, Dean Gendler will share how her Jewish upbringing has shaped how she considers the past and present, and influences her vision of the future. Further, Dean Gendler will discuss how the university is preparing for the future– and adapting to a future, that in many respects, is already here.