Yale Friends of Israel

Yale Friends of Israel is a student group for those who care about the State of Israel and wish to learn and discuss issues related to Israeli politics, diplomacy, and history, as well as celebrate Israeli art, music, theatre, literature, cuisine, and technology. A pro-Israel, non-partisan group, YFI does not endorse any particular political views.

Become a YFI Fellow – APPLY HERE

  • Attend private dinners with distinguished speakers
  • Join YFI on exclusive trips and excursions

Fellows must attend one YFI event per semester and have a passion for Israel!

YFI Board:

  • Co-Presidents: Gabriel Diamond and Yaakov Huba

Jewish & LGBTQ

We are a student group that celebrates the cultures of both the Jewish and LGBTQ communities, and provide a comfortable space for students within these communities.

We hope to create a relaxed atmosphere where people from diverse Jewish backgrounds feel excited exploring their intersecting identities.

Contact Marlee Goldshine for additional information.

We are seeking motivated students to help plan Jewish & LGBT themed holidays, text study meetups, and other events you’re passionate about.

We will be hosting fun events throughout the year with our goal being to make Slifka the most inclusive place possible!

Jews and Muslims at Yale

Jews and Muslims at Yale (JAM) seeks to establish a safe space and forum to facilitate dialogue on issues between Jewish and Muslim communities. By establishing a base of friendships and strong relationships, JAM endeavors to break down barriers and create new perspectives on present conflicts. JAM works proactively to resolve tension on campus and in the wider community, to address hot topics, and to prevent future conflict. Finally, JAM attempts to also educate on Judaism, Islam, points of friction between Jews and Muslims, and the technique of dialogue so as to empower others to work constructively on similar issues. Please contact Milana Bochkur Dratver or Shumayl Syed for additional information at milana.bochkurdratver@yale.edu or shumayl.syed@yale.edu.