“Building Forward”
25th-Anniversary Capital Campaign

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Slifka Center opened its doors in 1995, and in that time has served tens of thousands of students and hundreds of thousands of meals. 25 years later, the building is in need of significant refurbishment and repair. We are not merely refurbishing a 1995 facility, we are also modernizing the building so that it can meet the needs of college students today and long into the future.

This is the first major renovation in the Center’s history, and much has changed since 1995. The dining hall equipment needs to be replaced, and the furniture and carpets replaced. Security is a much more critical concern now than it was then, and we are installing new robust security infrastructure at the building’s entrances and exits, and making upgrades throughout the building to be prepared for today’s threats. We are upgrading the IT infrastructure to allow students and staff to make use of forward-looking technology to bring Jewish activities, values, traditions, and legacies to life in contemporary ways for decades to come. The building’s outdoor terrace will be refurbished and improved to add usable outdoor space to what the building has to offer.

As of summer 2021, we have raised over $5.6 million toward our $7 million goal for phase one of this project.  Slifka Center is an independent non-profit that does not receive direct funding from the University.  We rely on the financial support from alumni, parents and friends, and remain very grateful for your partnership.

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Highlights of the project include:

    • Complete renovation of the kitchen and dining hall
    • Increasing the capacity of the dining hall by 20% by enclosing the lower level exterior courtyard
    • Increasing security infrastructure by building a security booth at the front and eliminating vulnerabilities on the terrace
    • Modernizing the lobby with new furniture, flooring, and lighting as the access point to the dining level and the rest of the building.

Construction began in November 2020 in order to take advantage of the fact that the building is already closed due to COVID-19. We look forward to welcoming students back into the building once the renovation is complete.