2021 Reunion Weekend

View recordings of Slifka Center’s Reunion 2021 events below.

Mazel Tov on your Reunion! Since 1995, Slifka Center has served as the central hub of Jewish Life at Yale, providing intellectual and cultural programming, kosher dining, religious services – and much more – to the entire campus community. As the home of Yale Hillel, Slifka Center seeks to convene, connect, and equip students to make courageous contributions to the Jewish community, and to the world at large.

In recent months we have undertaken exciting building renovations to improve our services and safety, and we are looking forward to reopening in the Fall of 2021. Until then, we welcome you to our online programming for 2021 Reunion Weekend as described below! And we invite you to learn more about our plans and current happenings, including our celebrated Slifka Online Salon series.

Slifka Reunion 2021 Events

Friday, June 4, 2021, 4:30 to 5:30 pm

3 Generations of Jewish Life at Yale: a Dialogue between Rabbis Jim Ponet ’68 and Jason Rubenstein

Quotas. Israel. Mental Health. The Yale Five. Community. Friendship. What do we learn about Jewish life – back then, and nowadays – at Yale when we take the long view? That’s the question that will come to life through a dialogue between Rabbi Jim Ponet ’68, who created the Slifka Center in 1995, and Rabbi Jason Rubenstein, his successor as Howard M. Holtzmann Jewish Chaplain at Yale. They will discuss personal experiences counseling students stretching across over forty class-years, and explore the ways that our community has remained constant – and how it is growing and changing, even as we speak. The Rabbis will also respond to questions and themes raised by event participants.

Friday, June 4, 2021, at 6:00 pm

Slifka Center Online Reform Services

Slifka Center will hold online Reform Services as a special part of Yale Reunions 2021. Featuring original music and personal reflections, it will be led by Noam Shapiro ’15 supported by current student leaders and recent alumni including Emma Levin ’23, Syd Bakal ’22, Gwendolyn Towers YSM ’21, Joe Blumberg ’19, and Evan Farber ’99.