Slifka Center Weekly Dining Menu


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January 19-25, 2020

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Lunch Soup *Spinach and chickpea *Minestrone *Chicken noodle *Butternut squash *Matzah ball
Lunch Entree *Scrambled eggs

*Challah French toast

*Home fries

*Vegan hash

Tofu scramble

*Sweet noodle kugel

*Fresh fruit

*Chicken Cacciatore

*Yellow lentil Stew

*Roasted red potatoes

*Whole wheat pasta with garlic

*Tilapia vera cruz

*Vegan farro paella

*French lentils

*Roasted corn

*Cumin spiced carrots

*Fig and balsamic salmon

*Black eye pea stew

*Steamed broccoli

*Roasted root vegetables

*Crispy Pollock

Vegetable lo mein

*Rosemary roasted potatoes

*Roasted yellow squash

Mashed peas

Tilapia Piccata

Vegetable Enchilas

Rotini pasta mushroom sauce

Baby carrots



Action Station

No action *Chicken, tofu, broccoli, snap peas  mushroom, onions , celery  peppers, rice,


Beyond meator beef

Avocado mayo

Pickled onions

Fresh salsa

Chicken Tenders

*Fried Portobello mushroom

French fries

Assorted sauces

Deli night

*Carved pastrami


*sautéed onions


Thousand island dressing


Rye bread

* Shabbat dinner

Served family style

*Coffee spiced rubbed pot roast

*Jeweled rice

Cauliflower steak

*apple kugel

Dinner Entrée Cheese Lasagna

*Chickpea stew


*Sautéed spinach


*Honey Bahrat glazed salmon

*Yellow lentil stew

*Steamed jasmine rice

*Roasted golden beets

*Za’tar roasted chicken

*Vegan farro paella

*Horseradish mashed potatoes

*Broiled tomatoes

*Lemon scented broccoli

*Whole wheat pasta

semolina pasta

*Vegan bolognaise sauce

*Pesto sauce


*Black eye pea stew

*Meat balls

General Tso Chicken

Vegetable lo mein

Baby bok choy

*Lo mein noodles

*Orange glazed carrots

*Arugula and endive salad

Challah bread

Dinner Soup *Spinach and chick pea *Minestrone *Chicken noodle *Butternut squash * Shabbat dinner

Served family style

No action station