Slifka Dining Menus

The Restaurant @ Slifka concept, with made to order meals based on your selections,

will be tested at lunch and dinner on Monday’s and Wednesday’s through 12/20.

There will be hot meals available that have been prepared in advance if you don’t have the time to wait for a meal to be made for you.


Please give us feedback on this new concept which is designed to deliver delicious

fresh hot food to you at your table. A comment box is at the entrance of the Slifka dining hall.


Friday, December 15th

 Lunch ~ Quesadilla station

Ginger carrot soup

Seafood cakes topped with bruschetta

Tortellini with broccoli

Roasted red potatoes

Orzo with zucchini pesto

Sauteed green beans with garlic & olive oil

Salad bar



Seasonal salad

Fried chicken

Potato latkes

Roasted squash

Assorted cookies