Slifka Center Weekly Dining Menu


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Nov 17 – Nov 23, 2019

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Lunch Soup Chicken tortilla Chunky Vegetable Vegetarian chili Black bean sweet potato Matzah ball
Lunch Entree Bagel brunch Chicken marsala

Tofu creole

Cilantro rice

Roasted butternut squash

Beets and quinoa salad

Fish cake with garlic aioli

Sweet potato and kale frittata

Olive biscuits

Green bean almandine

Broiled salmon with citrus glaze

Mashed sweet potatoes

Crunchy rice

Cornbread stuffed

Portobello mushrooms

Pollock with spicy tomato and pine nuts

Vegan enchiladas

Wild rice pilaf

Elote roasted corn

Creamed peas

Tilapia in parchment

Vegetable lasagna

Steamed carrots

Green beans with shallots)


Action Station

No action station Chicken, tofu, broccoli, snap peas  mushroom, onions , celery  peppers, rice Seasoned Beef , cumin chicken, vegetable

,Ranchero beans, peppers, onions, Fresh salsa

Chicken Tenders

Fried Portobello mushroom

French fries

Assorted sauces

Falafel, tahini, baba ganoush, chopped tomato, chopped cucumber, shredded lettuce, pita,

Lentil shakshouka , rice

* Shabbat dinner

Served family style

Roasted Turkey

Farfalle with coriander and tomatoes

Tunisian spiced carrots

Dinner Entrée Quesadillas

Avocado, cheese, flour tortilla, black beans, corn, tomato, salsa, pickled onions, peppers, sour cream, rice

Everything bagel salmon

Tofu creole

Toasted spaghetti casserole

Yellow squash

Roasted broccoli

Beer braised knockwurst

Dijonaisse potatoes

Roasted acorn squash

With brown sugar

Egg noodles and brown gravy

Whole wheat pasta

semolina pasta

Vegan bolognaise sauce

Arugula and walnut pesto  sauce


Homemade meatballs

Herbed rubbed chicken quarters

Vegan enchiladas

Sautéed peppers and onions

Cilantro Cole slaw

Rice and beans

Garden salad

Challah bread

Dinner Soup Chicken tortilla Chunky Vegetable Vegetarian chili Black bean sweet potato * Shabbat dinner

Served family style

No action station