Slifka Center Weekly Dining Menu

Monday 1-21 Tuesday 1-22 Wednesday 1-23 Thursday 1-24 Friday 1-25
Lunch Baked Mac and Cheese Made to Order Quesadilla Baked cilantro lime tilapia Made to Order Pizza
White bean sweet potato stew Vegetable chili Cilantro lime Tofu Pasta primavera
Steamed vegetable medley Seasoned corn Roasted Vegetables Steamed broccoli
Wild rice Red beans and rice Cumin spiced quinoa Parsley carrots
Salad Bar Salad Bar Salad Bar Salad Bar Salad Bar 
Dessert Dessert Dessert Dessert Dessert


Dinner Made to order Pasta Station All American 3-foot sub  Boneless Tenders w/ Assorted Sauces  Made to Order Stir Fry Roasted chicken thighs
Stuffed shells Roasted vegetable 3-foot sub French fries Crispy Sweet and Sour Tofu House salad
Garlic Bread House Made Chips House Made Falafel Sesame Scallion Noodles Mixed grains/greens/fried egg
Balsamic roasted green beans Corn on the cob     Seasoned broccoli                                   White and Fried Rice Roasted potatoes
Four bean Florentine soup Four bean Florentine Soup Four bean Florentine Soup Garden Vegetable Soup Sweet cinnamon roasted  Vegetables
Salad Bar Salad Bar Salad Bar Salad Bar Slifka cookies
Dessert Dessert Dessert Dessert