Israel programming at Yale ranges from the political to the social and cultural. We strive to create a community where people with various viewpoints can feel comfortable and have their voices heard. Israel programming on campus is coordinated through Yale Hillel, Yale Friends of Israel (YFI), J-Street U chapter (contact Nate Swetlitz at or Elianna Boswell at, and an AIPAC chapter. These organizations hold weekly discussions and planning meetings and also host a wide variety of guests including speakers, musical artists, filmmakers, and writers. Additionally, Yale Friends of Israel serves as the umbrella organization for other Israel groups on campus like the Israel Policy Initiative and the Yale Israel Journal. The Israel Chair on Hillel Board acts as a liaison to all of these groups and plans programs both under the auspices of Hillel and in conjunction with these other organizations. Every year, Yale sends a student delegation to participate in a Taglit-Birthright trip to Israel. Past events hosted at Yale include a concert by Hadag Nachash, Israel-themed study breaks, a campus-wide Israel dialogue, a visit by Tzipi Livni, a talk by Alan Dershowitz, an Israeli food cookout, and lectures from Knesset members and Israeli cartoonists.

If you have any questions about Israel programming at Yale, please do not hesitate to email Hillel Israel Chair Jonathan Ellison at

Spring 2012 Report: Israel Education and Sentiment at Yale

In the fall of 2012, Slifka Center was awarded funding to study Israel education and sentiment on campus.  After rigorous planning in the fall, four undergraduate students examined during the Spring 2012 semester how Israel as well as the Palestinians are portrayed in the Israel-related and Palestinian-related courses at Yale with regards to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.  In addition, the report examines if there is bias present in Yale Courses with regard to the descriptions of Israel and the Palestinians in the context of the conflict, and how the Yale students (both those who study the Middle East and those who do not) perceive the portrayal of Israel, Palestine, and the conflict on Yale’s campus, and how these perceptions are formed.  [Read the full report here]

This project was funded by the ICC Israel Advocacy Grant Program and supported by the AVI CHAI Foundation.


Summer in Israel

If you are interested in pursuing work, an internship, research, summer study, or travel in Israel this summer please get in touch with Ziv Eisenberg. Slifka Center has a number of established fellowships that can support activities in Israel. In addition to these, we are committed to working with students to find additional sources of funding for specific proposals.